My feelings about the G.O.P  are no secret, but David Cross  says it funnier.   Jim Jefferies too     Jim Jefferies — Donald Trump (2016) by a-san2     Is this the Islamic threat Trump is going to protect us from? So Wrong…Yet…So FUNNY   RUN by a-san2 Related articles Clinton: Trump Campaign Has […]


Reality Check…..

This is how we want to imagine prison: TheREDUX1 by a-san2 It’s so easy to Romanticize what we see on television, particularly when the individuals are as attractive as Danielle Cormack and Kate Jenkinson, However prison should not be romanticized,  Prison is harsh, loud, dangerous all the things that Television doesn’t portray and even when […]


Congratulations to Sarah Paulson and Julia Luois Dreyfus nd Tatiana Maslany

Here’s the list of winners at the annual Primetime Emmy Awards, announced Sunday by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. 1. Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: Louie Anderson, “Baskets.” 2. Writing for a Comedy Series: Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari, “Master of None.” 3. Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: Kate McKinnon, “Saturday Night Live.” 4. Directing, […]


Danielle Cormack Lives ON

I was almost ready to reconcile myself with the reality that I may not see Danielle Coprmack for a while now that she’s departed from WENTWORTH. However: Danielle Cormack: A force to be reckoned with By Corey Sinclair — September 15, 2016 Danielle Cormack. Image by Darren Tieste. Danielle Cormack has played an Amazon warrior […]


Weekend Movie

First 2015’s Unfriended, now this — social media-themed horror is apparently a thing. Here popular student Laura (Alycia Debnam-Carey) accepts a friend request from the mysterious Marina (Liesl Ahlers), a loner she barely knows. It turns out to be a bad idea — her admirer moves from obsessive cyber stalker to e-poltergeist as Laura’s friends […]


Missouri Woman Is Miss America Pageant’s First Openly Lesbian Contestant

The official Facebook of Miss Missouri 2016, Erin O’Flaherty, representing Missouri at the Miss America Organization Competition LIVE 9/11 on ABC! Photos   “I really want people to know I’m not one-dimensional, I’ll be an incredible Miss America, I’ll promote (Miss America’s partner organization) Children’s Miracle Network, I’ll promote suicide prevention. Whether I’m Miss America or […]


Weekend Movie

First A Scary Short Film An ordinary woman is getting ready for bed in her small apartment. She switches off the hall light and, in the darkness at the other end of the hall, she sees a shadow, A silhouette. Lights Out Short Horror Movie Feature Presentation Darling Official Trailer #1 (2016) Lauren…   A […]


NOT Again!!

Comedian Leslie Jones, who was recently harassed online by gay right-wing bully Milo Yiannopoulos, had her website hacked by attackers who released private nude photos of her, according to multiple news sources. Hackers placed an insul6ting video at the top of her website to mock Jones, who is black. In addition to nude images, they […]


UPDATE: Foreshadow……

Fore·shad·ow FôrˈSHadō/ verb verb: foreshadow; be a warning or indication of (a future event). Forshadow Danielle Cormack may have made a Freudian slip of the tongue or she may have hit the Nail On Its proverbial ‘Head’ with pinpoint accuracy when she made the statement in the video, because I have been writing since season […]


Just Another Fan Made Music Video

Enjoy and yes the movie was very funny. ;nbsp: Cherry Bomb from SantosDesignStudio Related articles Yemen extremists used talks to rearm( Couple Could Lose Their Home Through Civil Forfeiture( 4 Tips to Be Summer Ready + Travel Beauty Essentials We All Need! #SchickSavvy( Experience unique dining at City Flats Hotel in Holland(


Moron Of The Month

Donald Trump‘s insulting interview in reply to Army Gold Star father Khizr Khan is not the first time he’s insulted US military vets.  Not to mention his self serving inarticulate lies. Given his latest campaign realignment, we can expect more from Orange Man, whose father is an Orangutang: Dump The Trump