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In The Words Of A Broken Heart It’s Just Emotion…

Sometimes a song sticks with you through the years and that is then case with the song: Emotion written by Barry and Robin Gibb of the group the BeeGees and was first recorded by Australian singer Samantha Sang, whose version reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 2001, “Emotion” was recorded by American R&B group Destiny’s Child for their third studio album Survivor (2001).I love both versions…


NOT Again!!

Comedian Leslie Jones, who was recently harassed online by gay right-wing bully Milo Yiannopoulos, had her website hacked by attackers who released private nude photos of her, according to multiple news sources. Hackers placed an insul6ting video at the top of her website to mock Jones, who is black. In addition to nude images, they also released pictures of her driver’s license and passport. Her website has since been taken…


UPDATE: Foreshadow……

Fore·shad·ow FôrˈSHadō/ verb verb: foreshadow; be a warning or indication of (a future event). Forshadow Danielle Cormack may have made a Freudian slip of the tongue or she may have hit the Nail On Its proverbial ‘Head’ with pinpoint accuracy when she made the statement in the video, because I have been writing since season 4 of WENTWORTH ended with the death of the character Bea Alice Smith that the…


Just Another Fan Made Music Video

Enjoy and yes the movie was very funny. ;nbsp: Cherry Bomb from SantosDesignStudio Related articles Yemen extremists used talks to rearm(worldbulletin.net) Couple Could Lose Their Home Through Civil Forfeiture(mackinac.org) 4 Tips to Be Summer Ready + Travel Beauty Essentials We All Need! #SchickSavvy(whisperedinspirations.com) Experience unique dining at City Flats Hotel in Holland(fox17online.com)


Moron Of The Month

Donald Trump‘s insulting interview in reply to Army Gold Star father Khizr Khan is not the first time he’s insulted US military vets.  Not to mention his self serving inarticulate lies. Given his latest campaign realignment, we can expect more from Orange Man, whose father is an Orangutang: Dump The Trump  


Wentworth Season 5 Release Date: Foxtel Changes Mind, Bea Smith To Return

Like many Wentwoth fans, I wanted to see Bea Smith in season 5. However despite rumors to the contrary, that isn’t going to happen (Well it could happen with Allie having flashbacks of scenes with Bea Smith that weren’t previously aired.) Wishful thinking. When I saw the headline: Wentworth Season 5 Release Date: Foxtel Changes Mind, Bea Smith To Return I got excited, only to have the deception revealed upon…


Weekend Movie

First A Scary Short Film An ordinary woman is getting ready for bed in her small apartment. She switches off the hall light and, in the darkness at the other end of the hall, she sees a shadow, A silhouette. Lights Out Short Horror Movie by a-san2 Feature Presentation   A lonely young woman (Lauren Ashley Carter) descends into madness when she becomes the caretaker of a mysterious New York…


WTF Is This About?!

I Mean COME ON!  Why aren’t those other lesbian oriented blogs reporting on this? I’ll tell you why: It’s scary and we sure don’t need to think that there is a serious cognitive issue going on with Hillary Clinton, particularly since those sites are Hillary’s unofficial cheerleaders and don’t really care about their readers.   Did Hillary Clinton Have a Seizure? by a-san2   She doesn’t do press conferences.  Apparently…


He MUST Be Stopped

  If you think Trump is Unstable, Unfit, and Full of Sh!t, Pass it On!!! #trump20never #NeverTrump Stick Best16 hours ago Why is it Every time Trump opens his mouth somebody else has to explain that what he said isn’t what he meant? So if he is elected, when he threatens to Nuke a country are they going to wait for somebody to explain what he really meant or are…


Resident BAD A$$

  Again, who can resist a beautful woman, dressed in leather and  riding a motorcycle? I mean COME ON! &nesp; RESIDENT EVIL 6 ‘The Final Chapter’ TRAILER… by a-san2 Fantasy 3-someAlice (Milla Jovovich) vs Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) for the un fettered affections of Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson). Bea Smith   Allie Novak Alice Of course I think that  Real life Bad Ass Danielle Cormack would win (If she were…


What We Want To SEE Damn It!

Strong Women playing STRONG characters. We live in a youth obsessed world, where women become devalued after they reach a certain age in the entertainment industry. Even if a female character is allowed to have a major role (like in ABCs Mistresses) they are dumbed down to the nth degree like clueless Joss (albeit she seems to be cognitively coming around). I say Frak that sh!t producers and writers are…


Weekend Movie

Yeah, even though it wasn’t very good (really a lot of forced humor), some Lesbian blogs made a big deal out of the Ghostbusters reboot merely because Kate McKinnon is in it. Some have gone as far as to label McKinnon as THE NEW lesbian heartthrob, which is preposterous because we all know that hottie Kate Jenkinson (Allie Novak – WENTWORTH) has already secured that position. Anyway I digress  …


Not Quite Over #Ballie Yet…But Getting Close

Thanks to Elizabeth Black: A$$wipe Extraordinaire for putting a damper on #Ballie Mania. Anyway I created what is probably and more than likely my last #Ballie video.  Not because of Elizabeth Black’s asinine online antics (Speaking for an entire population that hasn’t seen the season 4 final) but because there is only so much that can be done with limited video clips. Enjoy and don’t forget to like and subscribe….


To (Not So) Smart Ass Gen X-er Elizabeth Black

Recently I made a comment concerning Kate Jenkinson’s interview with Lady Parts that appeared on my site TEKgirl Presents: MUSE.  I had questioned the legitimacy of Bloggers who claim to get EXCLUSIVE celebrity interviews and yet the only evidence they offer is a typed transcript.  My point being that it is easy to type anything and pass it off as the real thing. Especially if (As I was informed, the…


No Wonder

Donald Trump really tried hard to get the acronym LGBTQ out of his mouth at the Republican convention, but he managed.  This lead conservative pundits to praise him for even mentioning the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer communities.  The G.O.P moves slower than a mudslide in winter. But Trumps acknowledgement hasn’t shielded Melania Trump from homophobes elements in the G.O.P   WARNING NSFW Scroll Down V V V V…


Proxy..&..Out Actor Kate Jenkinson Talks About #Ballie

I admit that it takes a lot to get me to make a video. I am just not the type to create soupy love song videos sung by girls with weak voices. So when characters like Bea Smith and Allie Novak come along, I give them all my attention. Besides not only is Kate Jenkinson a cutie pie, she’s gay! Nothing that I admire more than watching authentically LESBIAN CHARACTER…


WENTWORTH Ep 12 Spoiler Alert!

Bea Smith found love in a hopeless place. Now it’s official — Bea Smith is dead. Those Cheekbones OMGoddess Wentworth’s season 4 (series final for me) final saw the program’s most iconic character Bea Smith (played by Danielle Cormack) die at the hands of Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson, played by Pamela Rabe. Ferguson stabbed Smith 7 times to 9 times with a screwdriver that she disarmed from Bea Smith, but…



The final chapter concerning Bea Smith and Allie Novak’s love.  I guess this is a bittersweet mixed blessing because it assures that I don’t waste my life in preparation to watch a series that I know will devolve into depravity. RISEN Part Two by a-san2 Also since I am not really as interested in any of the other characters, well at least not as much as I was with Ballie,…


Danielle Cormack’s Bea Smith Will Be One Tough Act To Follow

When Danielle Cormack wrapped filming on the last season of her prison drama, she jumped on her motorbike and rode. It was 14 hours straight, from Melbourne to Sydney – it probably could have been less but she took her time, letting the road slide past the wheels of her Kawasaki V-star. How hot is this woman? In a room at Auckland’s SkyCity hotel, all kick-ass leather pants and boots…

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