An Acronym is an  abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g., ASCII, NASA ). So it was an organic move for Lesbian and Gay communities to follow suit, giving birth to the well known LG or G and L. Transgendered people have always more or less been included in the communal [...]

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This Time


Brittany Butler won over hearts all across America with the story of how her grandfather got her into jazz and hooked her into singing by buying her a guitar and video camera to post her videos on YouTube. Butler continued to wow viewers — and the judges — with her silky smooth tone and scatting her note fo0r note rendition [...]

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For Some It’s A Holiday


It’s that time of Ayear Again.  Boo, Get Ready to Run For Your Lives. Witches don’t scare me, in fact I had a crush on Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stevens the suburban housewife who was married to advertising exec Darren Stevens in the 70’s comedy Betwitched. So witches don’t scare me, hell as a college freshwoman I directed a [...]

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