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100 Million Dollars Confirms that Atomic Blonde 2 Is In The Works

Theron has confirmed that Atomic Blonde 2, the sequel to her 2017 spy thriller, is moving forward.

Charlize Theron has made Oscar-bait movies in the past, 2017 was the year of action movies for the actress. Theron starred alongside action heavyweights Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel in the turbo-charged The Fate of the Furious (A horible movie in my opinion,) an international blockbuster that still grossed $1.23 billion worldwide.

And in Atomic Blonde: A period spy thriller helmed by John Wick co-director David Leitch and set in Berlin during the waning days of the Cold War she played steely British agent Lorraine Broughton. With a plot involved some business about Broughton having to protect a man named Spyglass from agents out to kill him, and also saw her butting heads with a slimy James McAvoy. But ultimately, Atomic Blonde had little to do with spy movie plotting and everything to do with action (As it should have, viewers aren’t interested in the Spy Game anymore.  Leave that to star Jowly faced actors with British accents.) Indeed,  what viewers today want is more of the film’s single-take staircase fight sequences has been hailed as one of the best-executed action scenes ever.

Atomic Blonde Is Bigger Than A Female 007 as Theron will take one more crack at playing Lorraine Broughton. Speaking to an audience at the San Francisco International Film Festival where she received a career tribute, Theron confirmed a sequel to Atomic Blonde is indeed in the works (via IndieWire). No other details were offered beyond her simple statement: “We’re working on a sequel.”

At the same event, Theron also spoke about the physical demands put on her body during filming of Atomic Blonde. She admitted that at one point she became so sore from the beating she took at work, she couldn’t even play with her kids without bursting into tears.

Nevertheless, she says all the hard work was worth it.The question remains though (And it’s a HUGE question,) Can Fans expect more of this?Indeed, Theron is an actress who’s never shied away from a physically demanding role. She completely transformed herself for her Oscar-winning performance as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster.

And she’s undergone a similar transformation for her new film Tully, gaining 50 pounds by eating cheeseburgers and sugar.

Then there was her performance as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, which required her to remain on the set for over six months, and endure the difficult company of Tom Hardy.

Theron has spoken in the past about the possibility of a Fury Road prequel, saying George Miller had better hurry up if he wants to make it happen, because she isn’t getting any younger and is why she need to stop manipulating her weight n drastic ways, lest she succumb the fate that befell actor Tom Hanks and develop diabetes.

It’s not looking great for a Fury Road follow-up at this point, but according to Theron, Atomic Blonde 2 will indeed happen.

Apparently, producers believe there’s an audience for Atomic Blonde 2 and THERE is, Damn It there IS!

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