3 Simple Words. Welcome To Америка

I was at a loss for how to express myself over the outcome of this election. This is the most fucked up election ZI jhave ever participated in and I thought  when George W. Bush swindled the presidency away from Al Gore was bad. But this shyt is ridiculous. In three words:



I never believed in the polls, so i made sure to get my vote in early. Hilarry won my state, however that didn’t seem to matter, because Trump played to his key demographic: Racist, Sexists and undereducated whites.  Nowe The U.S. has firmly set its place as laughingstock of the entire planet. Fucking Obama is responsible for this.  Why? Why Not!

I voted for Obama twice, he appointed Republicans to his administration and I spent 8 years watching them obstruct him.

Then his appointee Comey throws Hilary’s campaign  a curve ball 11 days before the election. Adressing nothing and they should have known about this nothing when he did his initial investigation.  I blame Anthony Weiner too.

But mostly I blame all those fuckling morons that voted for a man who said every fucking thing to let us know that there was no place for us in his America.

I particularly blame any black who voted for Trump, or didn’t even bother to vote as well those fucking millennials who voted for Jill Stein and that guy who didn’t know what Aleppo is and sat with their fingers crossed hoping these candidate won  WTF?!

People like that Latina participating in her first ever election in Miami Florida, she announced that she voted for Stein and said: Wish Me Luck.

Puta vas a necesitar mucho más que suerte