You know its Summer When…

Not Only do White Gay Men appropriate Latin and African American Gay Culture (With the help, of Janet Mock) for the Show POSE; BUT 2,000,000 fish wash ashore as well

Oh and 1000 blackbirds dropped from the sky!

On July 4, 2009 a deadly menace swept through the quaint seaside town of Claridge, Maryland, but the harrowing story of what happened that Independence Day has never been told – until now. The authorities believed they had buried the truth about the tragedy that claimed over 700 human lives.

Now, three years later, a reporter has emerged with footage revealing the cover-up and an unimaginable killer: a mysterious parasitic outbreak. Told from the perspective of those who were there and saw what happened, The Bay unfolds over 24 hours though people’s iPhones, Androids, 911 calls, web cams, and whatever else could be used to document the nightmare in Claridge.

The Bay

All that was reported was about the unusually large amount of dead fish.

I know because I lived in the general area (Well close enough to reach by car.)

Years later the Bay is “Cleaned  up” and returned to normal operations but NOW America’s living  snack food (Cheeto) president has reverse the environmental safeguards enacted by President Obama and combined with zero tolerance on immigration, the Crabbing industry is also  suffering because even poor white rash doesn’t want to do the jobs that undocumented immigrants did, because it seems like they preferred stomping chickens to death at the local chicken  farms. See like I said; White Trash.

The Bay is a cautionary eco-horror movie from veteran US director Barry Levinson (‘Rain Man’), makes no secret of its plan to ‘merge the conventions of found-footage horror cinema with targeted social commentary’. Maryland resident Levinson takes his own fears about Chesapeake Bay, a place polluted with chemical fertilizers and steroid-heavy chicken manure, and pours them into a tale of mutated, insect-like isopods, which jump the species barrier from fish to humans and feed on their host’s intestines.

Set on Independence Day 2009, but presented as a retrospective campaigning video about a hushed-up incident, it’s anchored by local TV presenter Donna (Kether Donohue), whose reportage is supplemented with footage garnered from mobile phones, social media, police surveillance and the rest. Since the epidemic induces paranoid behaviour and foments social chaos, there’s more than a whiff of apocalypse, and hyperbolic, over-scored montage sequences drive home the political point. More coherent and thought-provoking than most ‘found-footage’ horror movies.

When I initially watched this movie I wasn’t sure how much I would like it but it did slowly draw me in, I had been to the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding locations, I liked going to Maryland, especially with my wealthy lesbian friends, one of who’s father owned a lake house.

Yet Dead Birds weren’t just falling out of the sky in Maryland, they were falling everywhere.

I remember walking to the bus stop on my way to the goverment agency i was working at, when I had to step over a dead blackbird. Later the news came up with West Nile Virus, but it could have been some rogue viral strain that had escaped from the CDCP* for all we know.

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention

NONETHELESS This really happened, more info:

A Chesapeake Parasite Is Killing Fish and Making People Ill

Two Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay




Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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