A METH Induced Sh!t Storm of a Movie

For the most part movies are shot out of sequence for a number of reasons, like: renting out locations or studio space, lighting, weather conditions, and most importantly, the availability of the director? Wait isn’t it usually the actors who are responsible for holding up production on a movie?

Movies don’t need to be shot in sequence because everything can be put in the right order when in editing.

If you’re going to have a scene at the beginning of the movie and at the end in a house, it makes more sense to film them both at the same time so you don’t have to haul in all the equipment for filming two times.

But I am getting ahead of myself so here’s a little back story:

Andrew Rork Getty (Of the Getty oil dynasty,) set out on a  journey.

In 2002: he’d drafted the script for a horror film based loosely on a series of nightmares he’d personally had, and intended on using as much of his own fortune as necessary to bring it to life.

You know, I wish more movies were self produced because that way if the movie is a bomb, then the producers will know how  movie goer feels for wasting money.

Never one to let a little thing like lack of experience stop him, Getty rounded up a crew of actors with no idea what they were getting into and dove into shooting on what was then titled The Storyteller.

Production ultimately stretched out over the course of five years, progressing in fits and starts as Getty devised elaborate custom camera rigs, pricy original sets and, in one instance, a large animatronic octopus designed to play a drum kit. Holy Sh!t I missed that part. Saw the Octopus during 2nd (The pizza scene at the ripoff Chucky Cheese) viewing.


Granted The Evil Within is a bit of a mish-mosh (My term of the month) movie that has a disjointed structure that was likely compromised by cast changes and the director’s personal meth-induced misadventures.


Yet from scene to scene The Evil Within  looks/feels like a real movie – NONETHELESS this is not the horror version ofThe Room, leaving it’s ultimate cult appeal on remaining to be seen , but if people watch TheEvil Within it will be for the movie’s insane plot and woefully misguided performances. I mean seriously misguided.

Referencing to movies being shot out of sequence it’s morbidly interesting to try to figure out what scenes were completed AFTER the director’s death.

And there are even a few legitimately solid sequences, nearly all of which are the nightmares of Dennis, our troubled protagonist dreams of mirror effects, creepy animatronics, stop-motion creatures..etc.. it’s all done music video-style, but it’s visually striking and unlike anything else you usually see in direct to VOD horror from first time filmmakers.

To be fair to the deceased Director Getty, the title of this post insinuates that he may have been actively  indulging in his addiction.  I don’t think that he was but his body nonetheless suffered from the long term effects that lead to his untimely death.