A Somewhat Personal Review of…

A Somewhat Personal Review of…

Did you know that Beyonce Knowles was originally considered for the Female Lead in 2018’s A Star Is Born or that Clint Eastwood was to be the Director??

Naah neither did I, but I saw Eastwood’s movie: 3:15 to Paris so I am glad that he did not direct this movie and as far as Mrs Carter, well i am not feeling it from her these days.

Lady GaGa as Ally in A Star Is Born

I have seen EVERY version of A Star is Born and and Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is by far the absolute best and I write this in the face of enjoying Judy Garland’s (And to a much lesser extent) Barbra Streisand’s version.

So I rate each version .  in numerical order from BEST to not so much,  but it starred Barbra Streisand:

1. Ga-Ga/Cooper
4. Streisand/Kristoferson

A Star Is Born (2018) stands on it’s merits without any help from the Little Monsters (As Lady Ga-Ga likes to call to call her fans.)

Any fan of Lady Ga-Ga will be astounded at her realness and sensuous versatility in the role of Ally, the reticent songbird who blossoms.

I had previously posted that the story of A Star is born is capable f multiple re-telling so that unless Bradley Cooper had created a Cluster-fuck of a movie then this latest version was going  be a winner! Little did I know just how right I was. 

Therefore upon further assessment, I can honestly write that I saw NO flaws in the movie’s retelling of the story of ill-fated lovers whose career paths meet at a point only to diverge  in opposite directions resulting in catastrophe for one of them while maintaining the gut punch of he previous versions with even more edginess and relevance.

Bradley Cooper has a decent sounding singing voice as well

To be fair it is not like 1st time director Cooper came to this project lacking the requisite arsenal of experience and familiarity with the world of addiction and its psycho/social-pharmacological influence on people via the movie: Silver Linings Playbook and of course Ga-aGa was an excellent choice to play her character in a fashion where viewers see her evolution from the insecure Ally to the highly competent, talented and empathetic Ally.

This latest version’s release date (October 5th 2018) puts Lady GaGa in contention for an Oscar nomination, and then a possible win at the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony. So let’s channel positive vibes for this to happen.
If history is any indication, it’s probably a safe bet that future audiences can expect to see another remake of A Star Is Born sometime in the decades to come.