Am I The Only One…

Claire Foy stars as queer literary heroine Lisbeth Salander in:

The Girl In The Spiders Web

written by David Lagercrantz


Who is Happy that Lisbeth Salander,  The Girl With…Is Back?

And Ecstatic that she is NOT being played by Rooney Mara!

Salander who, with her sometime partner Blomkvist is drawn into the case of the enigmatic computer scientist Frans Balder: a prominent expert in artificial intelligence who’s become ensnared in a global intrigue involving the Swedish Security Police (Sapo), the Russian mob, Silicon Valley industrial spies and United States national security interests…Shh don’t tell President Cheeto or else he’ll make it all about himself.

I am certain that for most fans the unlikely chemistry between Salander and Blomkvist is enough to serve their hetero-normative leaning.  But I am unsure as to whether Lisbeth will treat us to another lesbian sex scene like the notably explicit lesbian encounter between Lisbeth and her girlfriend in the Girl Who Played With Fire. 

This is something that I want to see again and allegedly it or something similar  may show up in this film.

And that’s another reason that I am happy that Rooney Mara wasn’t cast to play Salander. 

For me Rooney Mara was more suited to play the type of character like Therese in Carol, a girl coming into her own identity as a lesbian, a physically frail sparrow.

Not as rough and tumble Lisbeth Salander who would just as soon kill someone as fcuk them.

Larsson was skilled at conjuring Sweden into a moody land of long haunted winters and in “Spider’s Web,” Mr. Lagercrantz demonstrates a feel for the world Larsson created and for his two unconventional protagonists: Blomkvist, the dedicated, reporter and Salander, the fierce, damaged girl who fights with lethal kick-ass skill.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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