And I Thought The #Ballie Romance Was Short!

I guess I was wrong, Kat Rence must be the unluckiest lesbian (?) on the planet!  I put the “?” after the word lesbian because viewers will never know whether the hot character on Fox’s new series: The Exorcist is a lesbian or not (At least not yet).

See just as it started getting good between Kat and her passenger Julia (did I mention they were in a car?) Kat took her eyes off of the road and that was the end of anything that might have been.

Now considering that this developing relationship lasted less than 3 minutes I have made a fan video, because isn’t that what we do? Obsess over any hint of girl on  girl love?

This video is about Kat’s mind-bending hallucinations after the accident and unfortunately Julia did not survive the crash.


My music video is actually longer than “Julkat’s” relationship.

Love Ride by a-san2

But the series is called: The Exorcist, so who knows we may see Julia once again, but this time as a malevolent spirit.