Angelina Jolie Pitt's Divorce Secret Revealed!

My how things change: I remember being over the moon upon hearing about Jolie’s alleged bisexuality and affair with Firefox co-star Jenny Shimizu.  Then I remember how tired I became after Shimizu spent 10 years talking about that affair.

I remember the pass I gave Jolie for marrying Brad Pitt, because isn’t that what female bisexuals do for the most part? Screw other women, but make life long commitments to men?

So yeah I gave Angie a pass, because it’s not like she cares about what I think.

But this time I think our Ms. Jolie has gone too far. First Blind-siding Pitt with divorce papers, then she or someone affiliated with her made an unfounded report to Child Protective Services over a dispute that he had with his son, but that’s what happens between fathers and their maturing male children and you don’t have to be a parent to know this, it’s all that testosterone.

Of course Jolie’s hard core fans will excuse her latest antics but I don’t because Jolie made a conscious decision to subject her children to divorce.

Angelina Jolie Pitt her husband and their children one day before she blindsided Brad with divorce papers.”

It’s clear that for Jolie Marriage represents something odious, therefore maybe she’d be well advised to not marry anyone else.

(ET, Tuesday, October 25, 2016) – Angelina Jolie opens up to ET about what was really causing the issues between her and Brad Pitt. ” He says I’ve been splitting my time between the kids and my real passion, and it wasn’t good enough.”

The actress, director, activist and mother turns 42 later in the year, is now going through a shocking divorce, while filing for full custody of her children..

Back in 2015 Angelina Jolie told Dateline “I’ve never been happier, I love Brad, I love our children, but I feel like somthing has still been missing out of my life.”

Now that the shocking divorce revelation has hit the news, and she filing for full custody, Brad Pitt is hitting back hard. He claims, the reason why she will never get full custody, is because she is so busy perfecting her skincare line, and making sure it’s a huge success.

At the time Angelina was quoted as saying “Nothing is more important to me than my children. It is extremely difficult living your entire life in the limelight, and I want to make sure that my children have the privacy they deserve.” Brad Pitt, however, is singing an entirely different tune altogether, as they go through the divorce of the century, with 6 children in tow. What an unnecessary mess (I think that Brad still loves Jolie and if you ever watched their interviews you culd see it in the way he looked at her).

But NOW Brad claims: “She might be asking for full custody, but she’ll never get it. She just doesn’t have the time to care for all 6 of our kids, and try to build a beauty empire at the same time. Our children need their father, and I will make sure to always be there for them.”

“In 2013 I knew I wanted to do other things, but I didn’t know what that exactly was. I felt a little lost and ended up coming back to “Acting and Directing”. I have a project that deserves my full attention as well, and I know I have enough time for both” she explained.

Brad felt blindsided about her asking for full custody of the children. Brad stated recently that her Skin care line has become her home.

George Clooney is still shocked by the fact that they are getting divorced, especially since he had to find out through the media as well. He fully supports his “best friend in all that is to come.” – George Clooney.



Editor’s 2 Cents: All of this drama over a damn cosmetics line? Angie WTF is wrong with you?

Look regardless of who your life partner may be (Female or Male) it’s clear that you need some lessons on how to work through problems in a relationship before filing for divorce,Or maybe you are not destined to be married, so then why did you marry (AGAIN)?

At first I believed the initial reports of you wanting to give up acting, go into politics and that Brad was too tied to Hollywood.

That seemed plausible enough and in line with your history of of activism.  It also lends credence to you aspiring to be an intellect.  But now, I am not so sure given the amount of actresses and models that seem to have a beauty line.  Seems rather shallow of you to exploit your beauty in such a way.

All I know is that for years you’ve coasted on the popularity of Bisexuality all the while marrying and procreating with men. Well at least Angie spared a woman from this Bullsh!t, SMH*.


*Shaking My head