Battle Weary

Ugh I live in a Battleground State, where every single day it’s Clinton/Trump every single ‘friggin’ day. Now Russia is involved?

I wouldn’t put is past Vlad Putin to have authorized the email hacking of the DNC in order to set Trump up as his peppet president, but I mean come on who the hell wasnt aware of Wasserman’s antics?  Bernie certainly was aware and so was Hillary

How disappointed was I in President Obama’s overall performance during his 2 terms in office?

For the first term the word: “profoundly” isn’t strong enough because I am aware as to  what people cling to and remember and it can be summed up in two words: “Primacy” [the state of being first (as in importance, order, or rank) : preeminence] and: Recency” [Belonging to, or occurring at a time immediately before the present].

In other words: The First and Last things].

So voters who supported the President have a Lackluster impression and Hillary Clinton’s supporters who were once over the Moon, are now wincing because of dogged scandals, while Bernie Sanders supporters are behaving like the annoying Millennials they are and working to spoil the 2016 election and install Kaiser Trump as Leader.

Wait! it Gets Worse and her name is: Stacy Dash

 Most of her twitter mentions are right wing nut jobs saying you go girl, thanks for coming out against that Muslim, socialist, communist…He was never president. We gonna take America back.

How can she live with herself knowingly supporting racists.

I have a problems with Republicans, I have an issue with people of color and homosexuals who vote Republican, I have an enormous issue with whites who claim indigenous heritage and then spew the same racist sh!t has their pale faced brethren.

.It’s disingenuous to be an Hispanic, Native or African American to vote in favor of a political party that has made no secret of the disdain it harbors for these groups.

It one thing to support those whose do not have your best interests at heart, but the public doesn’t need to know it.

Dash wasn’t working or even talented for that matter. So what is with the self loathing Stacey?Well she was angling for and finally got a position with the FOX unfair and biased NoNews channel.

To be truthful, Dash’s behavior is what I would expect from scared whites who desperately seek to retaing diminished sense o privilege. But when I read the words that Dash wrote, well it’s completely illogical.

Even worser:

There are a few taxi drivers in my city who are of color [Hispanic, Middle Eastern and African American]. Despite the fact that their employer doesn’t offer them health insurance and despte the fact they are underpaid and exploited they are pro Trump, the sad thing is that they are unable to formulate an articulate and salient argument in support of their position.