Body found of woman who disappeared after Tinder date

Is this a case of Lesbians victimizing other Lesbians?

No, it seems more like a man (Aubrey Trail) using a woman (Baily Boswell) as bait to attract another woman.

The body of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe, who went missing three weeks ago after going on a Tinder date has been found.

Sydney Loofe’s family confirms she is dead. Her body was discovered in a rural area of Nebraska.

Loofe vanished last month after going on a Tinder date with Bailey Boswell, who is now in police custody on unrelated charges.

Boswell’s roommate, Aubrey Trail, is also considered a person of interest and is in custody.

Last week, before they were arrested in Missouri, Boswell and Trail posted several videos on social media, with Boswell confirming she was with Loofe on the last night she was seen.

“I went to take her home, and she asked me to drop her off at her friend’s house, so I did so,” Boswell said.

Boswell and Trail say they’re innocent and are being unfairly targeted by authorities.

Editor’s Reaction:

Well, it certainly appears that if you give investigators a filmsy excuse like: “She asked me to drop her off at a friend’s house” and yet NO friend comes forward to verify your claim and the victim is still not heard from then you remain the prime suspect.

Lincoln police say they believe there is evidence of foul play. Of course there is, he and she set up a scenario where Baily posed as a potential partner to lure Sydney into a second date, and when Sydney objected to what they proposed doing, they probably did it anyway and killed her to keep[ her silent.. 

Boswell and Trail are being held without bond.