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Another season of Australia’s critically acclaimed prison series is coming to an end Tuesday July 26, 2016. But did the show’s producers really save the very best twists for last? Just what does the Wentworth Season 4 finale have in store for us?

Episode 11 ended with the apparent murder of Bea Smith’s girlfriend Allie Novak at the hands of Joan “The Freak” Ferguson. However, Pamela Rabe, the actress who plays The Freak herself, hints things might not at all be what they seem.

After the show’s penultimate episode, a local reporter asked Rabe about Allie’s death. The actress then corrected him, advising him “not to be so sure” about things. She even reminded him that the show has always delivered what fans least expect.

“It’s right up there [with our most shocking episodes],” the actress explained in an interview with News Australia. “And I think fans will know that every one of the series goes out with a bang and this is no exception.” Wentworth has always been great at shocking twists and misdirects. Does this really mean Allie is still alive?

Allie Novak’s death on screen came as a shock especially to viewers (like me) who’ve been shipping Allie and Bea from the start.

Even though Pamela Rabe’s statement did give some of the Balli fans hope, the twist Rabe was referring to could still mean  something else entirely. Been a while since I’ve been  so emotionally invested in a fictitious couple.

Therefore I systematically and obsessively dissected the season 4 finale trailer and here’s what I gleaned from it.

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Joan Ferguson and Vera, with Vera telling the “Freak” that her murderous behavior means that she’s sick, which is interspersed with a mini montage of Ferguson’s attempt to murder Bea and her likely murder of Allie.

But later in the Ep 12 trailer when we are shown that one will rise and one will “die,” but we are only shown Bea, The Freak, The two guards, the other prisoners, in fact we are shown everyone BUT Allie Novak.

We already know that as the star of the show, Bea Smith will most likely live, but in the season 4 finale she will come very close to death.

UPDATE: In the Wentworth Season 4 Final Bea Smith Died.

Also, Allie’s death wasn’t confirmed (No ceremony like with Poussey Washington on OITNB).

Plus I didn’t see foam around Novak’s mouth, just spittle as if she was drooling.

Most importantly though at the end of ep 11 Smitten, we see Allie Novak lying down eyes wide open, but in the Ep 12 trailer when Bea Smith finds Allie in the showers Allie is sitting up, with her back against the wall but again unresponsive.

Nothing will prepare viewers for what happens when Bea Smith confronts Joan Ferguson though.

Thinking that Allie is dead sends Bea over the edge,

Verdict: Allie Novak LIVES, Smith DIES

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