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P*ssy RIOT!

The Unfiltered, Uncensored Donald Trump Sex Tape:   UNCENSORED – Donald Trump, a shameless pig When… by a-san         Every offensive Trump comment HERE  
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WTF Is This About?!

I Mean COME ON!  Why aren’t those other lesbian oriented blogs reporting on this? I’ll tell you why: It’s scary and we sure don’t need to think that
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He MUST Be Stopped

   #IllegitimatePresident If you think Trump is Unstable, Unfit, and Full of Sh!t, Pass it On!!! #trump20never #NeverTrump Why is it Every time Trump opens his mouth somebody
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No Wonder

Donald Trump really tried hard to get the acronym LGBTQ out of his mouth at the Republican convention, but he managed.  This lead conservative pundits to praise him
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Battle Weary

Ugh I live in a Battleground State, where every single day it’s Clinton/Trump every single ‘friggin’ day. Now Russia is involved? I wouldn’t put is past Vlad Putin
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