Cognitive Measures

Cognitive Measures

The blog: doesn’t make money, it has no donors or even anyone intelligent enough to click on a banner ad. What this blog does have however,  is a contributor who is sick to no end of the persistent ongoing cognitive dissonance in the online lesbian community.

The Pulse nightclub shooting was more than anything that we can label it as: More than a terrorist attack (Don’t all shooting incidents whether perpetuated domestically  or in  foreign lands) “Terrify?” More than Internalized Homophobia, More than Racism. 

The massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub was an amalgamation of all the aforementioned variables and more:

I’ve been observing: Watching the other lesbian themed websites and blogs to gauge the reaction to the Orlando massacre and after a day or so of platitudes to the victims, it’s business as usual with the death of a character on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black garnering more attention than the loss of 50 individuals, all of whom were identified with the LGBT community in some way with over 90% of the victims being PEOPLE Of COLOR!

Hey I was moved by Poussey Washington’s death as much as the next OITNB viewer, but the Orlando tragedy over-shadows any of the Les/Bi/Trans//Queer inclined television shows currently airing. Sorry but if you thought “Fuck. Goddamn it. Fuck fuck fuck. They killed Poussey Washington.” Then you are a lost cause.

I wonder what your reaction was when 49 gay and gay friendly people lost their lives? 

That’s why it’s difficult for me to see certain sites continuing with the usual stuff that Lesbian/Bi/Trans and Queer sites do and that is: Give the usual Recraps and Fantasy “Shipping” articles, or any other superfluous article.

We’ve lost 49 members of our Family, the people who accepted us when our biological families rejected us because they couldn’t deal with our sexual identities. So what is the response of websites Like AfterEllen, Dorothy Surrenders (The MOST egregious offenders)  and blogs that have way more followers and subscribers and readers than What is the response of those sites that have access to prominent GLBTQ.LIKE,I.GIVE.A.FUCK organizations?

Apparently their response is to give a day or two of recognition to our slain sisters and brothers, mothers, fathers etc and then it’s right back to the usual bullshit of reporting on Pretty Little Liars season 7 or Orphan Black, or the usual Recraps.

Now don’t get it twisted, because prior to the Orlando tragedy I was also lost in my own “Private Idaho,” especially if it concerned the finer arts like Ballet and Opera (my latest vice based solely on the attractiveness of the soprano, shallow I know) and the pedestrian Hollywood and Modelling Industry Gossip, but that occurred because I became too comfortable in thinking that I was “safe.”

In truth NONE of us are safe, and our vulnerability does not emanate from the fact there are Muslims in America but from the fact that this is a country with enormous diversity and yet, those who identify with one particular culture is desperately grappling to maintain dominance by any means necessary. Institutionally, cognitively and legislatively.

The LACK of an ENDURING response to the Orlando is indicative or Cognitive Dissonance to the “nth” Degree   In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.


The response to such a heinous attack on our community should not b dealt with by giving a passing (Albeit well written and insightful article) nod, but a call to become involved!

1. Work in your community to increase LGBTQ Safety

2. Coalesce to impress upon community leadere and state representatives to implement measures that limit access to assault weapons.

3. Become politically active and vote those who block or hinder such measure OUT OF OFFICE (That’s YOU Republicans).

So what is causing sites like AfterEllen, Dorothy Surrenders and other sites from dealing with REALITY AS OPPOSED “shipping” about some imaginary relationship between Piper and Alex on OITNB?

a. Money

b. Acquiescing to members of the “Dominate culture (nee White and their collaborators).

Despite many of  these enterprises being also staffed by people of color, it doesn’t mean that the “Dominate” culture isn’t of European origin.

Yes I know that certain individuals of this particular ethnic predilection will most certainly indict me as being a racist, to which I counter that the majority of people of color do not have the power or means to deny members of another culture advancement or access to resources, unless that power is to deny a person a right to live and the majority of that is the result of  internalized racism that leads to intra-ethnic violence: See Black on Black. or Hispanic gang violence, or quite possibly in the case of the Orlando nightclub shooter: Internalized Homophobia.

I am no longer shamed into silence by whites and their surrogates  who challenge me when I make a racial observation  about white people , because I am half white (Most of my family is white) and it’s very evident that some whites don’t have a problem with cultural observation unless it’s about their culture or ethnic group.

However,  as we see in Donald Trump’s thinly veiled Hilter-esque “Make America Great Again” Orwellian Newspeak for: Make America White Again, wasn’t lost on Rick Tyler, an Independent running in the 3rd District that includes the city of Chattanooga, almost immediately started catching hell for his racist spin on the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

But many people interpreted Trump’s slogan also as a Thinly Veiled call to Make America White Again, as any person of color, could tell you.

Rick Tyler’s campaign billboard caused a bit of a controversy in Polk County, Tennessee. The sign “Make America White Again” was removed 12 hours after it was erected.

Being an individual of color doesn’t necessarily mean that one has dark skin, neither does being a member of the dominate culture mean you have white skin and therein lies the rub: Many believe this struggle is only a “Black or Brown Thang” contributing the rising antagonism some whites harbour against African Americans and Latinos, over such redherrings like: Welfare and Immigration. Which spill over into their prevailing attitudes about our collective well being regardless of our ethnic background.



Gun violence against people of color is NOT stopping as of 7.7.2016: Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Killed By Police in Heartbreaking, Enraging 24 Hours

Posted by Rachel

The ONLY lesbian site I have seen reporting on thi9s is Autostraddle.  People pull your heads out of your communal arse because the violence isn’t going to end.


Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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