Discussing President Cheeto being All Kinds Of Bat Sh!t CRAZY

Dee in NYC writes:

I don’t understand why people act so confused about what Trump does. How many of us have a grandparent with dementia? Or Alzheimer’s? I have one, some of my friends have one. If we gave them access to Twitter I’m sure they’d Tweet out how George Washington wasn’t really born in this country. Or Matt Damon didn’t really go to Harvard. I mean the man is 71 years old. He wakes up every morning and paints his face. It’s not even a natural tone of paint. This guy is wearing some kind of tropical Fanta orange red. I don’t even know. He does some kind of strange thing to his hair. And we’ve somehow normalized this behavior, and act confused when this old man Tweets some crazy thing out a 3am?!

I just don’t understand why people are so shocked. This is completely normal behavior for a delusional old person. I love my grandparents, but I wouldn’t want them running the country lololll I’m sorry, I know many people reading this post are emotionally invested in Trump and are gonna get triggered.

But go to any senior living center and you’ll see dozens of Trumps walking around. This will only get worse the older he gets. I’m sorry to break it to you.


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