Don't Tell Me This Was About "Change" And "Outsiders"


As I watch Republican incumbent after incumbent win hold of their seat, the idea that this election was about “change” is garbage. This was about hate. Nothing more and nothing less.

There is NO WAY you get this result because something is about “change”.

The only reason “white” America stands so squarely against every other group is to retain supremacy.

Change my ass.

But as I previously wrote, there were Black and Brown people who voted for Trump. There were somke in the LGBTQRIS.T.U.P.I.Ds who voted for him also.

You can lump those people in with Africans who sold other Africans into slavery and those who are the white man’s “Bootlicker,” and as far as the LGBTQRIS.T.U.P.I.Ds are concerned, well you liken them to Jews that worked for NAZIs during WWII.


Source: Don’t Tell Me This Was About “Change” And “Outsiders