Everytime I Think I’m Out – They Pull Me Back In

Listen Up B!tches

I don’t have time for Bullshit, okay? I was content with resigning myself to the fact that Lesbians today are fuccking useless, when I receive this:


2 hours ago

“Because she is a bisexual and not a lesbian! Not the same thing at all.”


My Response to Ennui:

G.T.F.O.H with that bullshit! Half the time you pathetic know nothing Millennials whine and bitch all goddamn day because lesbians like me are not welcoming bisexuals with open arms, all you m@therfcukers do is constantly cry and complain sbout how the rest of the world is bi-phobic!

Then this gorgeous woman (Charlize Theron), defies Hollywood’s standards, puts her money where her mouth is and produces a movie where the ONLY on-camera love scene she has is with another woman! So what do you all do next? Pull the: She’s a bisexual card!!

WTF! May I suggest that you try pulling your heads out of your collective asses.

Do you fcuking have Dementia?!

The character Lorraine Broughton is a damn SPY, morons and that character actually set up her “lover” (the male) and he was killed off at the very start of the movie (Spoiler, sorry). Besides she sure acted like a butch to me, even in that mini skirt and high heels. Ennui, don’t tell me that you didn’t see this movie based on what some other odious know nothing dyke told you. Are you that fcuking stupid?! Apparently you are.

The only reason the viewers even  knew that Lorraine had been romantically involved with a man was because of the scene where she burns a photo of them together.  OMFG, are you serious yo?!

She’s a TRIPLE Agent and an Assassin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ilene Chaiken isn’t going to give you this much flavor in an L Word Re-Boot, at least not one that hasn’t already been “Borrowed” from some unsuspecting writer.

Spies will sleep with whoever they need to in order to get the information they want, ever hear of Mata Hari?! Of course not.
Google Her or click photo/

The Lead in Atomic Blonde only developed feelings for the French Female spy: Delphine Lasalle.

Are you sure that your refusal to support this movie isn’t because looking at beautiful women intimidates you, leading to you feeling inadequate? I think so.

I feel kinda bad for Theron, because I am certain that she rightly felt that in this role she was doing the right thing for LGBTQ visibility and even if Theron only thought that people will only want to see her making it with another woman (Something that Theron has repeatedly done in past films), I STILL don’t have a problem with that, because Charlize Theron aced the performance with a portrayal that did not denigrate sexual minorities! And Shyt, it’s Charlize ‘motherfcukin’ Theron!

Atomic Blonde represents a MISSED Opportunity  for LGBTQ communities to really make a difference by supporting artists who want to create projects that show us as  more than the hackneyed overused trope of just coming out and dealing with identity characters.

I mean Goddamn it, as old as I am and I am still seeing project after project about some young lesbian, or some inexperienced girl. When obviously all I want is a Hot Super Agent kicking ass, taking names and bedding women as beautiful as our protagonist and the French operative.

Y’all are just a bunch of  ungrateful bitches and I NEVER want to hear or read another word about how bad it is for LGBTQ people in media from (Got it? AfterEllen, Dorothy Surrenders, AutoStraddle and Absolutely Ferolicious?)

Shyt and I used to think that Log Cabin ReThugNiKKKans and Elizabeth Black were bad, but your the worse.