EVIL Lay In The Hearts of [Many] White MEN & Women

Here is recorded audio from inside a govt facility where children are being separated from their parents.

You can hear them screaming.https://t.co/cEUspwzJR2

by @gingerthomp1

— Eric Umansky (@ericuman) June 18, 2018

And BEFORE  you indict me for being racist, I’m not. This is about who is currently in power and even President Obama was compassionate enough not to bust up families.

The House of Representatives and the Senate are BOTH controlled by Republicans, why this pale ass bastard keeps blaming the Democrats for something that he can fix shows the depths of his  white supremacist Depravity.

Whatever happened to Crazy People? You know the kinds I am talking about: Bat-Sh!t CRAZEEEEEEE People who feel they need to take control and make things right, Where Are You, When We NEED You?!