Finally: A super cheat sheet to a super big week of news

Remeber when I wrote that I couldn’t type fast enough to keep pace with PresidentCheeto’s ClusterFuckof a presidency?


Well a news outlet has done the work for ,me and so I decided to share:


1. The Republican Party is Trump’s party now.ADVERTISEMENT U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) hugged his sons after conceding defeat in his primary for election on Tuesday.

(Wade Spees/The Post And Courier via AP)

6. There’s no deal to protect ‘dreamers’: Republicans in Congress thought they had a deal the president could support, however unlikely it was to get through Congress. But Trump said Friday he wouldn’t sign it, which means Congress just lost its last best chance this year to protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Some Republicans in Congress from states like Florida and California fear they could lose their elections in November over this — and with it, Republicans’ majority in the House of Representatives.Supporters to protect “dreamers” from deportations on the steps of the Capitol in December 2017.

(Reuters/Yuri Gripas)

7. Trump continues to take heat for separating families at the Mexican border: No matter how many times he disingenuously blames Democrats in Congress, it’s a policy his administration put in place to deter people from illegally crossing the border.It’s a policy that’s earning him a lot of negative attention, including from some evangelical circles.  Boys detained at the border in Brownsville, Texas on Wednesday.

(Health and Human Services)

8. Scott Pruitt tried to get a wife his job: He did it while using taxpayer-funded staff and potentially leveraging his position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.It’s the latest in a string of ethical abuses for Trump’s most troubled Cabinet member, but it could be the one most likely to get him in legal trouble.


9. That ‘We’ll stop [Trump]’ text from an FBI agent: FBI agent Peter Strzok, who worked high up in the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Russia-Trump investigation, sent a private text during the election that appeared to suggest he could use his position at the FBI to stop Trump from getting elected. That’s what a new report from the independent watchdog at the Justice Department revealed. Strzok denies that was his intent.But it does suggest heavy anti-Trump bias from a key FBI agent.Part of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report.(AP Photo/Jon Elswick)10. The rest of the inspector general report on the FBI: This is last in our ranking for two reasons:

1) Despite Strzok’s text, the watchdog didn’t find that the FBI’s overall 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was biased.

2) The report said nothing about either the ongoing Russia investigation that Trump is so concerned about, or about how the FBI comports itself now.This was all about an investigation that is over, and much of the high-level staff involved is gone or demoted. Trump hasn’t made that distinction,

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