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For Me The Best Movie Of 2019 is also the Weekend Movie…

Actually it’s Stripper Holiday Double Feature Weekend Y’all!!

I am so damn happy that I have reached an age where I  can openly express my admiration for a woman’s form without having to attach some dumb-ass “Politically Correct” caveat such as ‘Me Too’, or the Objectification of women explanation because the truth of the matter is that I used to go to strip clubs when they had lesbian afternoons.  Goodness knows I was virtually a regular at the now-defunct Wet in Washington DC on any given Saturday. The reality exists that many women like myself enjoy watching women dance.  Here is a small video in the context of lesbian strippers

Wet in D.C. was not a scene where there were DOM dancers (That I ever saw).

And despite the appearance in the video primarily consists of women of color, rest assured that is NOT the unspoken universal rule.  White women also attended Lesbian Stripper Saturdays at Wet back in the day, but we NEVER had a goddess such as Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) who could make it rain money just by strutting onto the main stage of a cavernous strip club to the blaring tune of Fiona Apple’s late ‘90s anthem “Criminal” and removing her coat. Men in musty suits immediately begin throwing money at the veteran exotic dancer Lopez portrays,

Some may find it hard to completely discern between Lopez the superstar and the larger-than-life character she plays in “Hustlers,” and that’s actually part of the pleasure of watching this Nomination Worthy performance from the multi-talented multi-hyphenated (actor-singer-dancer-sexpot) STAR.

We know this figure—we know the swagger, the magnetism, the incandescent ability to work an audience—and yet, Lopez has repurposed and repackaged all her well-honed abilities as a reminder that before she was known as J.Lo, she is a naturally gifted actress.

A Best Actress Oscar nomination for Jennifer Lopez? FUCK Yeah! Her see-it-to-believe-it performance in Hustlers is that dazzling, deep, and electrifying.

At the Toronto Film Festival, where art films get the most attention, this glitzy knockout about New York strippers who take their drooling Wall Street clients to the cleaners, has been the talk in advance of its release. And for good reason. Hustlers promises and delivers a party-hard, wild ride. No one expected insights that pull you up short.

That fact that Hustlers is inarguably Lopez’s best screen work since her early heyday of “Selena” and “Out of Sight” isn’t the only reason to check out writer/director Lorene Scafaria’s crime drama, but it’s a huge draw concerning the true story of a group of strippers who lured, drugged then fleeced their wealthy Wall Street clients out of millions, “Hustlers” as a whole is a blast, stomping and striding with the confidence of Lopez’s thrilling introduction to viewers during her memorable POLE Dance!

Supporting cast includes Julia Stiles serving as the journalist’s stand-in) and while “Hustlers” follows Constance Wu’s shy “new girl,”

She goes by the stage name Destiny: a Queens native and child of immigrants navigating the world of Costco-sized strip clubs in The Big City. She’s doing it for financial survival to support the grandmother who raised her (Wai Ching Ho) and she doesn’t show much enthusiasm or talent for this pursuit at first. But seeing Ramona command the stage makes her realize how powerful—and lucrative—such work can be. The sequence in which Ramona and another stripper (Cardi B, a proud, Latina product of the Bronx like Jenny from the Block making her charismatic film debut) teach Destiny the finer points of pole spinning and lap dancing is hilarious and actually kind of sweet, and it’s an early indicator of the way these ladies look out for each other.

The money is good for a while, especially with Ramona and Destiny working together as a seductive duo in the VIP room. But then the 2008 recession hits—and it hits the Wall Street hard, which means they have less cash to toss at people’s posteriors. The crazy, addictive energy of the film’s beginning eventually gives way to a more serious tone as work dries up and the dancers go their separate ways and Destiny gives birth to a baby girl.

Desperation also inspires Ramona’s scheme to go after even bigger money: concocting a potent mix of MDMA and ketamine, sprinkling just a dash in the drink of an unsuspecting mark at a bar and then dragging him back to the strip club to drain his credit cards. (The drug-cooking sequence in the kitchen of Ramona’s stylishly minimalist Upper East Side apartment is lively and humorous providing an unshakable “Goodfellas” comparison. Ramona and Destiny recruit a couple of trusted fellow dancers—Keke Palmer’s Mercedes and Lili Reinhart’s Annabelle, who add to the cast’s chemistry, creating a diverse lineup of sirens, as the nightly heists kick into high gear.


Hey Remember Sexy Violet who was Corky’s Bomshell gangter’s girlfriend turned  Lesbian love interest and criminal-caper-cohort in the movie BOUND?

Well wouldn’t you know it but Jennifer Tilly (Violet) starred in her own good girls gong bad exotic dancer movie alongside Killing Eve’s star Sandra Oh in the movie:



This movie, while dated is also way too good not to watch.


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