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TEKgirl Presents: MUSE

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From The Heart

I have been so bummed out these past few weeks, I can barely motivate myself to post anything.  So as I prepare for the inevitable deluge of white nationalists preparing to assault my sensibilities, I am choosing to counter their debilitating effects with  some well warranted visuals.


hCarol Movie Poster





Helen Mirren in:


Coming Soon


LOVE Actually


Yeah, either I’m lazy or overy generous because I don’t believe in waxing poetically and being demonstrably Erudite about movies.  Hell I didn’t create the quadrillion of online free movie sites, so I figure why not share the wealth? So to speak, I mean it’s only a matter of time before President-Elect Putin er, I mean ‘Puppet Elect’ Trump spoils the party.

Season’s Greeting and Enjoy!

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