Gone To The Dawgs and the BiSexual Dilemma

When Fine A$$ Lesbians Run Amok, WE All Lose!


Seems like alcohol, Dogs and Sheena Casey [who is Celeste’s fine but cheating lover] and her companion spell disaster for Celeste our hapless victim.

Let’s keep this real, if Sheena has a drinking problem, those good looks ain’t gonna last.  Besiides she isn’t making any sense, because relationships are relationships and the pain of infidelity transcends sexual orientation.  That makes her claim that Joey Greco of Cheaters doesn’t understand because he isn’t gay a moot argument.

Case #2


I would like to see an update on thiese two because this won’t be the only time she is with a woman.


Case #3

I don’t even knw the names of these fools but I like watching cheaters because the set-ups are so obviously staged it’s funny. 

Who the hell  cheats with the windows exposed so that they can be filmed?