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This is very important because if you are under the assumption that just buying a ticket and watching the movie Wonder Woman is enough to get more movies about women, made by women, trust me it isn’t.

I want Theron or whoever to make more  female centered movies (With the exception of killing off the only Lesbian characters), Theron should have done better on that. Katherine Bigelow is one of my favorite directors and has won a Academy award for The Hurt locker, but still no movies with a queer female lead.

Nonetheless a female driven action movie that had a same sex romance and where the lead actually did the majority of her ow n stunts is not guaranteed and that means that Atomic Blonde could have used more help.  Nonetheless  at earning nearly 90m world-wide and growing, Atomic Blonde2 may just become a reality.


The 1980 movie Cruising starred Al Pacino as a New York City detective on the trail of psychopath infiltrating  New York City gay clubs and viciously slaying homosexuals.

Pacino plays Detective Steve Burns and is ordered to don leather attire, hang at the city’s S&M joints and keep an eye out for the killer. But as Steve becomes immersed in club hopping, he begins to identify with the subculure that he begins to question his boundaries and the audience to question who the ‘real’ killer actually is.

Cruising was considered controversial because America in 1980 was a culture confronting itself. Conservative Ronald Reagan was elected president strongly supporting family values, while at the box office “Cruising” hoped to lure mainstream audiences into seeing a movie featuring graphic gay sex. It was a box office flop but drew protests from gay groups, instead of the expected support, and its star, Al Pacino, who plays a straight cop investigating the murders by posing as a gay man, seldom talks about it. Even with the bad though, the movie is unforgettable.

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WARNING NSFW Graphic Adult Themes Violence


I saw the movie in 1980 because well, I am just that old and one thing that I will say is: Any publicity is good publicity if it garners attention .

However today people are more content with sitting behind a computer screen and lamenting the lack of lesbian visibility in movies in 2016.

Seriously who gives a shyt if quite possibly the only lesbian character from 2016 was a Taco from the Seth Rogan animated film Sausage Party?!

2017 is half over.  So I made this point to a reader or a writer over at AfterEllen, to which I received the response that they were going to do Atomic Blonde Next Month!

They are ‘going to do what’ to Atomic Blonde next month?  Because all of this time they spent writing about lesbian tacos in animated movies could have been spent complaining about how the movie blew its chance (when the French Operative was killed off) to be an even better film than it already is. Any publicity is good publicity if it garners attention.

What matters is NOW, Right Now!  We have a maniac President playing chicken with the lunatic ruler of North Korea.  Time is of the essence and I am not going to waste my precious time reading lists of disappointing statistics concerning dead lesbians in movies and on television in 2016.

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