If you are ‘a’ Gay, Lesbian or Caitlyn Jenner Republican, a hearty FCUK YOU!


Trump Bans Transgender Military Service by a-san2

I always looked at Log Cabin Republicans as the snakes in queer clothing they always were.

Why the fuck is it taking so goddamn  long to impeach this delusional, Fanta soda colored Orange hair Orangutan/Human Hybrid motherfucker?!

It’s NOT like there isn’t a shitload of evidence that can be used against him, because there is!

Obstructionist Cheeto by a-san2

Besides only a goddamn Imbecile would say that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should have recused himself BEFORE even knowing there are going to be a Russia Investigation.  Because that way Trump wouldn’t have given him the position.  WTF?!

The G.O.P controlled House and Senate are fucking playing American citizens for suckers, by acting like we are as dumb  as their backwards ass Floridian and Middle American constituents when it concerns Trump’s TREASONOUS actions  [No, the Military ban isn’t treason, but colluding with Russia IS]!

Oh and HOW Dare this son of a witch   interrupt my Atomic Blonde Fantasy Week with this Bullsh!t!  Neither Charlize Theron, NOR I have time to deal with Trump’s Dementia.