Help #SaveSCOTUS by fighting Trump’s extreme Supreme Court nominee

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Help #SaveSCOTUS by fighting Trump’s extreme Supreme Court nominee. If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, Trump wins and millions of Americans lose. We can’t let that happen.Kavanaugh with X Our rights are under attack.

We need to attack back.Watch CREDO Action Co-Director Heidi Hess explain a path to victory.Why is Brett Kavanaugh a threat to our country?Kavanaugh can help protect Trump from Mueller, Kavanaugh wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, Kavanaugh is a threat to civil rights. Kavanaugh believes in voter suppression, Kavanaugh supports corporations over people, Kavanaugh is anti‑environment and pro‑gun.

All we need is 49+2 to block Trump’s nomineeTo block Kavanaugh we need 51 no votes: that means everySenate Democrat plus two Republicans.WHAT WE NEED TO DO:

We need to pressure Schumer to do his job!

We need two Republicans to stand up against Trump!

We need time to get the word out!

Here’s how you can take action right now:

Tell the Senate: No Supreme Court pick for a co-conspirator.

Tell the Senate: Stop Trump’s bigotry and corruption by blocking Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Tell Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer: Hold the Democratic caucus united against Brett Kavanaugh.

Tell the Senate: Stand with women. Block anti‑abortion operative Brett Kavanaugh.

Tell key Republicans: Don’t let Trump build a court that will undermine the Mueller investigation.Tell the Senate: Don’t fast-track hearings on Brett Kavanaugh.

Release and review his records before holding confirmation hearings.

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Source: Help #SaveSCOTUS by fighting Trump’s extreme Supreme Court nominee