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How Hillary WON ALL Of The Debates!


I asked a young woman who works for management in my apartment building what she though of the final debate.  She wanted to sound knowledgeable and told me that she was disappointed with it.

I asked her why and she was unable to articulate a cogent response.

Why?  Could it have been because she is only 23 years old? I don’t know and don’t particularly care what her reason was, although I suspect that she is a Donald Trump supporter, which is ironic because she supports him despite what he is documented saying about Hispanics (Yes she is Hispanic).

See the undereducated are drawn to Trump because he speaks in a manner that appeals to their primal, reactionary instincts.


Donald J. Trump is not the only  Republican to go down in Flames, his Deplorable flunky Chris Christie may have dodged prosecution but will still be facing a civil suit because plaintiffs argue that even though he was fully aware of the retaliatory lane shut downs in “Bridge Gate” for days, he refused to open those lanes.

Christie is like most ReThugNiKKKans a disgusting Bully.



Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.
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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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