It’s been a long time ladies

Been quite a while since my last post, and I have to admit that fcuking Cheeto president is to blame.

Then there was that elecetion in France and I nervously awaited the results because frankly some white people are annoying the hell out of me  with their deluded ravings of white superiority. Centrist French candidate Emmanuel Macron crushed right-wing rival Marine Le Pen on Sunday in a historic election that will make him the country’s youngest-ever president. With nearly all the vote counted, Macron — who had never before run for public office — won 65 percent to Le Pen’s 35 percent, according to the French Interior Ministry.  How sad is it that I am jhappier for France than the United States?

So I YELL from my Rooftop: Je’Taime France, I knew that you wouldn’t let me down!