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Time 2 Get Your Read On!!

Can you feel it?

The excitement that comes with knowing that the delusional Ferguson is going DOWN?!  Oh it may not happen in the first episode or even during season 5 and judging by the black eye Allie is sporting and the way ske lunges with that knife, I doubt that her first try to kill Ferguson is successful.

But Ferguson is displaying an air of confidence that will ultimately betray her.

The Wentworth season 4 finale left its viewers in awe as the most beloved character Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) was hurt to the point of no return. According to Cormack, she, too, got affected by her death on Australia’s hit TV show. TV Week Magazine shares that Cormack has been killed not once, but twice, in 2016. She was first killed off as her character Bea Smith in Wentworth. Her next character Scarlet also met an untimely end in the show Rake. However, it seems that Cormack is happy where her career is taking her (Where’s that? The Morgue?).

Regardless, getting back to season 5 of Wentworth and my predictions. We saw in a previous promo Jake and Mr. Jackson escorting Ferguson into the yard, where all of the inmates were waiting.  

We then see both Jake and Mr. Jackson leave the Yard (Without Feguson) and when Ferguson looks up to Vera’s office, Vera also turns her back on Ferguson by walking away.

So everyone wants Ferguson dead, but it won’t happen immediately and at some point despite Jake being indebted to Ferguson,  I surmise that Ferguson will turn on Jake as well and he will want her dead (The scene with him and Mr. Jackson escorting Ferguson to the yard, where Allie Novak emerges from the crowd of inmates holding a chain).


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