Oh Sh!t – It's On NOW!

“Oh Sh!t – It’s On” NOW!

It’s on is an urban colloquialism, what you say when the battle/showdown is about to begin, or when you want to fight someone after school.

The Freak Is Going DOWN and There’s No One There That Will Help Her!

Editor‘s Note: Not Only is Allie out for blood, but Mr. Jackson also, because Freak tried to have him murdered as well, Vera also because The Freak, well she did everything to ruin Vera’s happiness.  Jake, I am not so sure if he wants The Freak dead because se is his source for money.

Wentworth Season 5 Cast Without Danielle Cormack


Memorial for Bea Smith and to kill Ferguson, and will they kill Ferguson? The chain Ally is holding needs to be a Mace :https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/7d/ed/f1/7dedf183982fb6748ab68e8358ac0dbc.jpg.

UPDATE: Very exciting news for the fans of the international hit and critically-acclaimed Australian drama series as Foxtel has just announced that Season 5 of Wentworth is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 8:30pm EST
Please, be advised, that the new installment will be broadcast on the Showcase network, since the Soho channel was closed in October of 2016. The AACTA and ASTRA Awards-winning drama series has left the audiences reeling at the end of the fourth chapter with the tragic death of Bea Smith. According to the creative team, the upcoming fifth season will resume just a few days after Bea was killed by Joan Ferguson.

This Makes More Sense to me, despite Kate Jenkinson’s initial claim during an online interview with Lady Parts on YouTube, that the fifth season of Wentworth was going to pick up 16 months after the Death Bea Smith who was the love of Alie’s life. Making it only a few days after Bea’s Death is more believable because I want to see Allie’s reaction closer to the event.