It’s The Summer Of…

It’s The Summer Of…

 Remember the Scarlett Johansson summer (2015?) when the movie: LUCY blew Dwayne “”The Rock” Johnson’s movie: San Andreas out of the water, capturing the #1 Movie position in America?

Well (For me at least) the summer of 2017 is all about the Atomic Blonde or more specifically watching Charlize Theron on the big screen kicking ass and kissing women (Or at a minimum one woman in particular her co-star Sofia Boutella).

You know for the life of me, I can’t figure out why some lesbians, gay women, queer women etc prefer to imagine gay relationships existing between characters n media (via subtext), but turn away from characters that actually display same sex romantic encounters.

It’s almost as if their constitutions  are too fragile to handle raw sexuality and the chemistry between Theron and Boutella has been described as electric!

Well you can relax ladies because it’s only a movie.  It’s all fake anyway but Theron has said in interviews that it was important for her that the scene was real. So I am going to see if it comes close to my expectations

Another aspect Theron’s stardom that fascinates me is  is that for fucking years, every time she said that she is a dancer [Ballet,] I thought: Bullshit, she’s like every other A-List actor in Hollywood who makes the claim of either doing their own stunts or something similar because it seemed that to me that only Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh (At 3:00 Yeoh talks about training in Ballet)

and Tom Cruise were authentic as an Actor/Stunt-people.

This is why I am over the moon with her performances in Mad MAX: Fury Road and in what I have seen so far in the trailers and behind the scenes mini-documentaries for the movie Atomic Blond. Sure she is no Michelle Yeoh, but I wouldn’t want her to risk spoiling that gorgeous face.

See I know that in in order to maintain such a high level of physicality, you have to:

1. Be trained as either an athlete or a dancer and

2. Maintain that physical state for  a duration of time, whether r not a role calls for it.

Shit, I get exhausted just watching Charlize Theron. Oh bollocks, who am I trying to fool? Eating a bowl of ice cream wears me out.

Watching Theron perform that Kitchen Fight Scene in Atomic Blonde:

Is like watching the Greatest Performance of Odette/Odile as performed by incomparable Ballerina Gillian Murphy in Swan Lake, precise and strong and Theron is older than Murphy who I believe is in her late 30’s!

44 and 39 are by no means OLD, but in Ballet it is considered so because of the intense physicality involved.

Seems like Ballet does a body good I wonder if its to late to start?

 My Most Recent Project Enjoy:

BTW Remember how we almost insisted that Marina on the L Word just HAD to be lesbian because if her intensity with the character Jenny Schecter? Maybe the Theron/Boutella coupling will be similar.I just hope I don’t start seeing photos  of either with boyfriends in the media. Don’t ruin the illusion ladies.

If “Atomic Blonde” becomes a summer box office hit, it will elevate the profile of Charlize Theron’s Denver & Delilah Prods. (named after her dogs), a boutique label that churns out indie films and TV series.

Theron didn’t become a producer only to find better roles for herself. Instead, she wanted her voice heard on important behind-the-scenes decisions. “I really think I became a producer because I love the nuance of storytelling,” says Theron, who gravitates to riskier material.

The company, which has a first-look deal with Universal Cables Productions, is managed by Theron and her producing partners Beth Kono and AJ Dix. “It’s been fun going to test screenings and hearing people say, ‘I’ve never seen action like that before,’” says Dix about “Atomic Blonde.”

On the movie side, the company also has Amazon Studios and STX’s “Gringo,” an action film starring Joel Edgerton (Theron has a supporting role as a corrupt boss); Lionsgate comedy “Flarsky,” co-starring Seth Rogen and Theron; the Netflix drama “Brain on Fire,” headlined by Chloe Grace Moretz; as well as Jason Reitman’s “Tully,” another collaboration with the “Young Adult” director. “Our process is that we’re really close,” says Reitman. “I feel like we talk about everything.”

For TV, Denver & Delilah is developing “Mindhunter,” an FBI detective drama that Netflix will premiere in the fall. And a few other deals are coming together soon.

With projects like “Atomic Blonde,” Denver & Delilah is telling stories that are different from regular studio fare. “We are mindful of finding all representation behind the camera,” Kono says. “Charlize has had some of her best work with women. A lot of our stuff is female-centric stories about complicated women.”

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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