Leave Marion Cotillard OUT Of The Brangelina Spectacle Because……

Marion Cotillard  is expecting her second baby with long-term boyfriend Guillaume Canet

Marion Cotillard is reportedly pregnant with her second child – as she continues to get dragged in the Brangelina split.


The Allied actress, who is rumoured to have had an affair with her married co-star Brad Pitt, is allegedly expecting another baby with her long-term boyfriend and now husband; Guillaume Canet, although the couple are yet to respond to the claims.

Marion and the French actor have been together since 2007 and already have a five-year-old son, Marcel.

ALLIED movie trailer

Now considering that Angelina ended up with Brad Pitt was because Jolie had an affair with Pitt and stole him from his then wife Jennifer Aniston, she should have expected it if it did happen. However because I am a fan of Marion Cotillard, I am going to give Cottilard the benefit of the doubt.

Is this a sign of the Apocalypse? Brangelina splitting, Trump possibly bedooming er I mean Becoming  President?!


ALLIED Trailer # 2 (Brad Pitt – Marion… by toni-santos

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