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WAIT!  Wasn’t same sex marriage codified in all 50 states by the Supreme Copurt on June 27th 2015?

So then why was Jocelyn Morffi, a first-grade teacher at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami, was terminated from her job the day after she married her partner, Natasha Hass (r.), in the Florida Keys on Feb. 8, 2018?

A teacher at a Miami Catholic school was fired days after she married her girlfriend.

Oh that’s right it is a Catholic School.  Well as a survivor of a Catholic Upbringing m and 8 years of Catholic schooling, I wonder if she thought that her job was safe? Look, I am not blaming the victim for the school terminating her position, just wondering what she thought would happen when the administrator’s discovered the team she is on.

Parents are up in arms over Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School’s decision and are demanding answers after Jocelyn Morffi, a beloved teacher, was dismissed, the Miami Herald reported.

The first-grade teacher, who had taught at the school for nearly seven years, returned to her job Wednesday after marrying her partner in a same-sex wedding ceremony over the weekend. That’s when she learned she was no longer employed.

“This weekend I married the love of my life and unfortunately I was terminated from my job as a result,” Morffi wrote in a social media post. “In their eyes I’m not the right kind of Catholic for my choice in partner.”

The school informed parents of their decision in a letter but did not cite a reason for letting Morffi go.

On Friday morning, a group of about 20 parents gathered at the school demanding an explanation from its principal, the Miami Herald reported.Parents are up in arms over Jocelyn Morffi’s firing.We were extremely livid. They treated her like a criminal, they didn’t even let her get her things out of her classroom,” parent Cintia Cini said.

Juggling Job, Family And Dreams.

Cini said she didn’t know that Morffi was gay, but that it didn’t matter to her or other parents.“Our only concern was the way she was with our children, the way she taught our children and this woman by far was one of the best teachers out there,” Cini told the Miami Herald.Archdiocese of Miami spokeswoman Mary Ross Agosta confirmed Morffi’s firing, saying that the teacher had broken her contract, according to the Miami Herald.“As a teacher in a Catholic school their responsibility is partly for the spiritual growth of the children,” Agosta said. “One has to understand that in any corporation, institution or organization there are policies and procedures and teachings and traditions that are adhered to. If something along the way does not continue to stay within that contract, then we have no other choice.”

Like I previously wrote I am a survivor of a Catholic Upbringing.  Let me tell you, I have seen some disturbing thing during my dysfunctional.  Well you already know how priests were indicted forPedophiliicagression against alter boys right?

Well not all of them were attracted to you boys and I know a girl who was maybe 18 or 19 at a time when I was only about 8, and I clearly remember her sitting on a priest;s lap at my family’s house while they all sat around the table drinking liquor. WTF?!

What was she doing in my home?

She was my older sisters best friend and seems like sis thought this shyt was ‘Normal’  because she never said anything. So you can imagine the state of confusion I found myself in considering I was attending a Catholic school.

I will never fully understand why religions props up and maintains the delusion of something that doesn’t exist.  See I feel that is people knew that the time spent on earth was all they had, then they’d behave a lot differently.


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