Life On A Theme Isle Can be Great!

Check out the amazing themes (Both Premium and FREE) when you visit:

Let’s face the fact that WordPress is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. So why complicate things with themes that are cluttered and bloated with excessive plugins.  Keep It Simple, easy and breezy. Welcome to:

There are several things I keep in mind when I choose a theme for blogging: Ease of aesthetics,  implementation,  and functionality and most importantly PRICE:

The dedicated developers and Coders of ThemeIsle are there to make finding the theme to fit my needs every time.


Implementation: ThemeIsle provides some of the most well designed themes on the web, regardless if you are a New to blogging, posting a personal family or interest blog or a successful merchant or artist, graphic designer or photographer displaying works on a portfolio theme.  I am an armchair coder. Not being an expert in HTML I rely on a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) approach to blog design.  These themes are not overloaded with “bloatware) additional plugins that can slow down loading and responsiveness.

Personally, for me it’s all about visuality, particularly because I am visually challenged, I see to implement a theme with a design that caters to my needs, whether it’s using

Clean Designs are paramount to delivering whatever message I want to convey. 

ThemeIsle’s themes are lightweight and  load fast. In addition to offering themes that are visually appealing,and  easily configurable.

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In my seemingly never ending quest to find a theme that is percfect for me tration panel, with a variety of customization settings, One of the best features in a Theme Isle Theme is that some of it’s free themes are also highly customizable, which comes in handy when you are living on a budget and the thought of spending $50 to $200 in a premium theme.of WordPress themes is overwhelming.

Image result for images of the word: functionality    FUNCTIONALITY

Granted, as a result of get living on a budget of course I WANT all of the features offered in their premium theme, but what is available in the “Lite” version of ThemeIsle’s premium theme is acceptable to myself and many other bloggers, in fact the only drawback I’ve experienced is the lack of “unlimited” ability to control colors and sometimes fonts (depending on the theme I choose.)

Nonetheless the ‘Free’ of Lite theme  often serves to more than than suffice such as: Browser Compatibility  with the ability to easily upsdate settings like: logo, social links, colors, ‘n layout from an easy to use interface which through the Theme Options Panel:

The Theme you are reading this post on is from Theme Isle.

I know that I’ve spent alot of time writing about Theme Isle’s free themes and I have done so because well: That is what I am familiar with and what I primarily use.  You may have read some of my posts about living on the “Cheap”, whether it’s photo editing software, novel writing software or cellular service my motto has always been “Less is Best.”

That is why you will discover why Theme Isle’s  pricing schedule is highly desirable, making ThemeIsle an affordable choice should you decide to go premium’ as there are plans that are attractive to many budgets.

Happy Blogging and Be sure to check out the amazing themes (Both Premium and FREE) when you visit:

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