Such A Long Road To Hoe

Haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I was beaten threadbare by the cruelty in our first Cheeto President and his determination to eviscerate the legacy of our first President ofr Color Barack Obama.

Then to make matters worse the company that gave us the wonderful movie Carol {2015) was rocked when of of its namesake’s Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company who was exposed as a sexual predator of Bill Cosby-like proportions!

I’ve always liked the movies from this company after all they gave us the movie CAROL in 2015,

And if things couldn’t get any worse I began receiving notices about some videos that I had uploaded to my Daily Motion account accusing me of violating copyright and uploading Audio that I did not own.

No matter how many ntimes I tried to explain that Glennis Grace and Whitney Houston were two distinctly different individuals they kept sending me links of the two women and claiming that their computerized system identified the uploaded content as Whitney Houston, they deleted my videos I reloaded the videos and the confusion continued.

Now I understand why Cailymotion’s staff would be so so ‘Skiddish’ about copyright infringement, after all the company is headquartered in France and in 2014,Scarlett Johansson won a lawsuit against a bestselling French novelist; Grégoire Delacourt over his novel “La première chose qu’on regard” (not yet published in English, the title translates roughly as “The First Thing You Look At.”)

But in their attemps to not ruffle the feathers of the Houston estate and Ms. Glennis Grace, they have completely fcuked up my Dailymotion channel, allowing some videos to appear in the library but nowhere else.


Goddess forbid that I try to upload this video to my DailyMotion account, because that ain’t gonna happen.

Yes I am sensitive because there are indeed videos of Glennis Grace on DailyMotion yet every single time I upload a video it’s the same ol story of copyright violation.  But I never thought an artist preforming a cover of a song by another artist counted as well.

Since I don’t want to jeopardize my DailyMotion account the issue has been dropped.