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Major WENTWORTH Prison Ep 11 Spoiler Alert!

You Know You Want Me

I became a Fan of the series Wentworth from the beginning and Danielle Cormack is just the right mix of adult sexiness and hotness that can easily morph into not so hotness given that she is a 47 year old inmate at a maximum security womens prison.

Unlike the American Orange Is The New Black, Wentworth Prison doesn’t seem to need orchestral cues to guide the audience into knowing what is humorous and what is serious and even tragic. Either that or the acting is so damn good you don’t hear anything but the voices of the actors.

Believe me the series is NOT without it’s flaws, for example: A former “Governor” (female warden of the prison.)

Joan 'The Freak' Ferguson (Played by Pamela Rabe) has herself been imprisoned along with with Bea Smith for various crimes. The woman is not only a sadistic sociopath, but a psychotic as well.

Unbelievably, although the other inmates have been warned to avoid this woman at all costs and not to believe anything that she says, they are repeatedly and easily manipulated by her.

Goddamn It! I am NOT Playing!

The ongoing gun violence was bound to send my own ingrained cognitive dissonance into overdrive and cause me to join the legions of lesbians who are in denial and actively posting about anything but reality. And the Bea and Allie romance was just the thing to capture my attention. See I just wasn’t feeling the death of Poussey Washington, for whatever reason (Maybe it’s because I rarely watched the show and knew nothing of her story arc) or maybe I was too distracted by those bags under her eyes.

But I’ve followed Bea Smith’s story arc from season one of Wentworth Prison. I felt connected to Cormack so seeing someone of a similar age onscreen was exhilarating to say the least.

I mean here is a woman acting like the grown ass woman that she is.

Bea Smith’s trepidations and fears are not derived from the fact that she is clueless, but from the fact that she needs to be in control of herself at all times.

Bea and Allie sneak a kiss in the prison's kitchen.


Which is why her attraction to Allie threw her for a loop.

This is also, where my angst begins: See Bea and Allie have been circling one another for awhile.


Allie getting closer and closer yet pulling away when Bea Smith proclaims that she isn’t gay….well, that is until the day she says it and Allie responds that she 'Doesn’t Care.'


It’s only a matter of time and did I wait with baited breath for the inevitable coupling? Oh HELL Yes! Did the show deliver? Double Hell Yes!!

Will my heart be Broken?


Triple Hell Yes!!!

There is only ONE episode left in Season 4 and words are haunting me..Words like:

Goodness knows that after years of being disappointed by American Television, I find it easy to transfer my cynicism globally. Given Allie's history with Drugs of course it is easy for her enemies to do her harm.

Bea Smith fell for Allie Novak after Smith learned that Novak literally saved her life, when Joan “The Freak” tried to murder Smith (Long story look for recaps elsewhere).

Allie’s actions softened Bea's heart, but Allie had returned to using drugs because she thought that Bea wanted nothing to do with her. So after Bea finds Allie.

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/w1aE355QjYA/maxresdefault.jpgBea moves Allie into her section of the prison and helps get her off of drugs…For a moment.

Bringing us to the 11th episode.

Both Allie and Bea have enemies who will seemingly stop at nothing to harm them, yet in the midst of all the chaos our intrepid protagonists manage to carve out a slice of heaven to give viewers a long awaited love scene:

It Begins


Sweet Release…


Shit, Really?

Looks like Allie is in for a world of hurt and I'm not holding out hope for her survival (UPDATE: Allie does survive, but Bea Smith dies)…Which is surprising specially after what 'The Freak' did to Allie.

Yeah I am, pissed off. Why the hell decide to take a shower alone when she knows the dangers involved?   Even if the 'Freak' wasn't lurking around, it's STILL prison and you have to watch your back at all times.

The inmates always do shit that places them in harm's way: Like being caught alone with Joan 'The Freak' Ferguson.

The only thing that can save Allie is the fact that Joan didn't know what the lethal dosage was.

Allie does survive, but Bea Smith doesn't when she tries to take Joan Ferguson down in in the season final.

"Kaz" Proctor (Played by Tammy MacIntosh) also had feelings for Allie.

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