Milania: You’re FIRED!

Milania Trump gets NO Pass from ME!  The Sevnica (Yugoslavia) Skank stole from Michelle Obama’s speech plain and simple, there is NO question about it.  The Trump’s are behaving as high school sophomores who inexplicably find themselves in college due to an administrative glitch.

I for one am glad that this is how the RNC convention started (Well for that and the NEVER Trumpers).  What will “The Donald” Do?

Will Dolnald Tfrump purge American soil of Milania Trump because she is a thief and apparently Slovenia isn’t sending their best: They are sending plagiarists. Or, will the Orange Haired Orangutang just build a wall around her and make her pay for it?

The way to the presidency is NOT a: “Cut and Paste” endeavor but if you are so bold as to do so, shouldn’t she have chosen a political figure from antiquity.

If I had so blatantly done such a thing, I would not have received an undergraduate degree, much less a graduate (Master’s of Science) degree.