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My Girls: The NOTORIOUS N.I.C (Nicole Sherzinger) Shows Viewers what being “Underrated” Has Gotten her -And-Todrick Hall brings out Cheryl – Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels @ London Palladium – Hau’s Party Tour –

I’m not gonna stay silent anymore!  I confess that I have been a fan of Nicole Scherzinger for years.  Yep ever since the PussyCat Dolls slinked their way into my heart. I’ve been enamored by this Hawaiian/Filipino actress/singer/dancer.  You know I see a lot of comments on YouTube that disparage Scherzinger as being some sort of underrated and/or  2nd rate hack.  This despite the fact that she sang nearly 90% of the vocals for the group.

Todrick Hall feat. Nicole Scherzinger – Papi (Official)

Well, judging by her home. if being underrated and or 2nd rate is anything like this then I am all for it.

@Home W/ Scherzy

I know that some readers are llke: But she’s not a Lesbian or even bisexual and while that may be true, Sherzinger did once play a lesbian (Which seems to be all that is necessary for some.)

“Take Me or Leave Me” from RENT at the Hollywood Bowl, August 6, 2010. Featuring Tracie Thoms and Nicole Scherzinger

HAUS Party World Tour ft: Cheryl

And Cheryl certainly knows how to remained relevant by partnering with Todrick Hall in his peerformance at the London Palladium.

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