My Weekend RUSH…

As in  RUSH to the theater with the reclining seats that offer a full menu and drinks (for some) to see: “Atomic Blonde.”

Now you probably know that I LOVE Me an Online movie for sure, mainly because they are free and living life on the “Cheap” in these days is my mantra. But here is a secret: Atomic Blonde will be the FIRST Charlize Theron movie that I am seeing in a theater. In fact  I already have my ticket.  Not certain though if I want to go out in the rain, although Uber-ing to and fro is an option.

For those not seeing the movie in a theater here is a little something to tide you over until it is available online:

Charlize Theron in her Very FIRST action role.

Watch HERE


Well, gotta run.  Happy viewing everyone.

Yes it will eventually be available online so stay tuned.

Doing Her Best

Do I expect the movie to be good? Well it certainly won’t suck with actors John Goodman and James McAvoy in it, hbesides I am only interested in Theron offering me the requisite level of Eye Candy my system craves.  To her merit, Theron always strives to do her best in any role.

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