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Time 2 Get Your Read On!!

As in  RUSH to the theater with the reclining seats that offer a full menu and drinks (for some) to see: “Atomic Blonde.”

Now you probably know that I LOVE Me an Online movie for sure, mainly because they are free and living life on the “Cheap” in these days is my mantra. But here is a secret: Atomic Blonde will be the FIRST Charlize Theron movie that I am seeing in a theater. In fact  I already have my ticket.  Not certain though if I want to go out in the rain, although Uber-ing to and fro is an option.

For those not seeing the movie in a theater here is a little something to tide you over until it is available online:

Charlize Theron in her Very FIRST action role.

Watch HERE


Well, gotta run.  Happy viewing everyone.

Yes it will eventually be available online so stay tuned.

Doing Her Best

Do I expect the movie to be good? Well it certainly won’t suck with actors John Goodman and James McAvoy in it, hbesides I am only interested in Theron offering me the requisite level of Eye Candy my system craves.  To her merit, Theron always strives to do her best in any role.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.
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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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