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Wentworth” season 5 will Kaz Proctor remain in Bea Smith‘s former position as ‘Top Dog’? Remember at the season 4 Final, Kaz was chosen by her cell mates to be the New Top Dog.

Also, what kind of revenge will Allie along with Bea’s friends plot to avenge Bea’s death?

Personally I believe that Allie will kill Joan The Freak Ferguson, because in an Interview that Kate Jenkinson did with Lady Parts when asked for season 5 spoilers, Jenkinson slipped up and said something to the effect: “When Allie gets her hands on the Freak”…that she quickly changed to “When she gets her hands on Allie.”

Bea’s Demise at the end of Bea’s character in the popular Australian drama caused sorrow to their fans and even to the cast. The most affected person in Bea’s murder is her romantic partner Allie and she will not ignore the idea of Vengeance especially in seeking justice for Bea.


Who is Allie if not the love of Bea’s life?

theories of multiple deaths coming in season 5, Allie might follow Bea to the grave as she puts her life in danger with her retaliation plans against the killer.  Or maybe that drug dealer will die and the guard who is involved with Vera.


OMG!  Could Allie Die? I hope not because there is no ‘After Life‘ and Allie needs to become Top Dog.


If you recall, Allie’s life was already in danger because she almost got killed due to excessive consumption of drugs courtesy of Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson’s bathroom ambush after  Bea and Allie finally made love.


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