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Nobody ft Jade Novah & Cynthia Erivo (from Forbidden) –

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To see two women in love, and who are African american, is amazing and to see the diversity. Rarely do we see women of color in a gay relationship, and the song is so lovely!

Is it just me or does Jade Novah resemble actor Kerry Washington? Hmm I may text her a heads up. 

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of this video or (If you’ve seen the full video) what you think of Forbidden.

Now to address the elephant in the room.  Why am I so eagerly promoting the work of a gay man?   I just heard of this talented artist, who was a semi-finalist(?) on American Idol, but was vioted off. Todrick Hall is the ONLY black gay man that I have seen to create magnificent art through writing all of the songs, doing the choreography performing in and directing the videos.  His cast members reflect the realities of color, size, and ethnicity in  the 21st century.

Look, I have nothing against sites that contimnually rehash the same lame white celebrities who aren’t even homosexual.  If their readers like that stuff then by all means carry-on, because even though my readers won’t comment, you can see from the visitors map that tek-girl is not hurting for attention one bit.

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