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Okay…N0W WTF Is THIS?!

The guy on the left is Stephen Miller, he’s the mastermind of The Orange Guy in The White House’s Anti-Immigrant policies.  So why does the woman to his left look Asian? She looks more Asian than Alexa Chung.

Stephen and Katey Miller

Alexa Chung

Stephen and Katey Miller


Alexa Chung


Stephen Miller (born August 23, 1985) is an American government official who serves as a senior advisor for policy to President Donald Trump.

Stephen Miller, has crafted the president’s most extreme, brutal, and illegal immigration policies: From Trump’s notorious first Muslim ban to family separation. The New York Times initially reported that the plan “was being coordinated by Stephen Miller, the architect of the president’s anti-immigration agenda.”

There was a time when Stephen Miller rationalized his loathsome behavior by saying that because he had no-one in his life that his work on Immigration was all he had.  WTF?! So, because Stephen Miller wasn’t getting laid, he decided to take out his frustration on immigrants?

However, now that Stephen has married I have to say:  Here we fucking go again! First, we had Michelle Malkin, a woman of Asian descent, a woman of color who was such a republican bootlicker it turned my stomach. Now we have Katey Miller intent on NOT being a role model for young girls of Asian descent!

Maybe it’s just me, but back during ancient times when I went to college. I learned in detail about the struggles that other cultures faced when they immigrated to the United States, yes I am aware of how the Irish and Italians were met with discrimination in the 1900s, but it always seemed that the dominant culture in the United States reserved the harshest penalties against individuals who did not fit the western European archetype (i.e. Pople of color; Africans Americans, Latinos, Mexicans and yes even the Chinese.)

In my gay existence, Asian women fit a certain stereotype in that they first and at times, only go for whites and it doesn’t matter how aestethically or morally reprehensible these Caucasians are, they are considered ‘white’ in American society.

Now because I also will date a woman of another race/ethnicity so my complaint about that.

My complaint comes when that’s the only option and (In the case of (Stephen Miller) that option harbors such vehemence for people of color, that it causes me to wonder if this Asian woman even considers the fact that she is Asian?

Who are her parents? Was she adopted as a child? That would help in explaining why she doesn’t appear to openly accept her “Otherness.”  I embrace my ‘otherness’ as a biracial/differently abled Lesbian.

Granted, Alexa Chung also seems to exclusively date white men then again her “Real Father” may be a white man (Only her parents know for sure), but at least Alexa Chung has a staff some are Asian, whether “Blasian”Black/Asian or Eurasian (European/Asian).

alexa chung and models


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