Charlize Theron, 2017 Oscars, Academy Awards, Arrivals

No surprise, Boutella had no problem getting naughty with Theron. “It just makes sense,” she said, laughing. “She is gorgeous so it wasn’t too hard…I loved working with her. She is a phenomenal actress, she’s gorgeous, but she is such a good actress. It was an honor for me to work with her.”

In other words, “Theron is a Spy I’d Like to “FUCK,” Boutella said.

Now that’s what I want to hear, because whether or not Boutella made that statement in a move sanctioned by Theron to pander to the prurient in nature, or whether it was said in the spirit of being a rare and candid glimpse into Boutella’s psyche, nothing could be more true. Theron IS gorgeous and making out with her [Regardless of the technicalities involved] would be HOT as Hell.


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