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This is how we want to imagine prison:

TheREDUX1 by a-san2

It’s so easy to Romanticize what we see on television, particularly when the individuals are as attractive as Danielle Cormack and Kate Jenkinson, However prison should not be romanticized,  Prison is harsh, loud, dangerous all the things that Television doesn’t portray and even when it does, viewers are removed from the reality because a show can’t reflect that reality effectively without altering it in some way.

This Is The Reality:

A Nation of Women

Interested” In “Shipping” ANY Of These Women? …I didn’t think so.

Maryland Correctional Institute for Women


Finally: Bartow Maximum Security Prison in Victoria, Australia.  This prison is far more advanced than the prisons in the U.S. and notice how the cells have toilets complete with showers that allow privacy and even a space for a desk and television.  Sort of looks  like a narrow dorm room eh?

Bartow Prison


If it weren’t for the murderers, rapists, thieves, gangs, guards, barbed and razor wire this place may not be so bad, relatively speaking.

After all it’s still three Hot’s (Hot Meals) and a Cot (Bed).

What it’s like for Women in Australian Prisons


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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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