RISE Of The DEPLORABLES..Or isn't it Ironic how these people feign insult and injury at being called: "Deplorable"?

Rise of the Deplorables! The title reads  like it belongs on a George Romero movie from the  late  1970’s. I couldn’t care less if any racist xenophobe is a hard working middle class American, because HILLARY Clinton was RIGHT is referring to people like this as a “Basket Of Deplorables.”

If the following examples define your political leanings then of course you are DEPLORABLE!


These deplorables are absolutely disgusting in word, deed, appearance ….wait what? Well see for yourself:








Don’t get me started on those so called “Undecided Voters.”


The Undecided Voter belongs to that group of Deplorables who just want attention, to be invited to attend debates or meet and greets.  Seriously how can a voter be undecided in this day and age when we have so much information available to us through mainstream media, alternative media and independently research sources?

I call Bullsh!t on the undecided voter.












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