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For anyone interested in Royal Weddings this was an historic event considering the unprecedented number of attendees who are people of color:

I am a dyed in the wool ‘Royal Watcher’ (Only for the Big Events) and several years ago I pulled an all-nighter for Wills and Kate’s nuptials and  I   am not even a big fan of the two.

But this event is important because of the diversity and inclusivity on display in such a time honored institution as the British Monarchy.

I became intrigued when I saw on the Wendy Williams show what I perceived to be blatant envy that  Williams was extending to a woman named Meghan Markle:

I became interested because of what I perceived to be  envy on the part of Wendy Williams so strong that it was palpable.  I looked Markle up and saw that she appeared om the television show Suits.  I have  only watched one episode of Suits, it wasn’t my cup of tea and  didn’t see Meghan Markle in that episode.

Later I discovered than actress I’ve followed since she appeared in that syndicated sci-fi seres Cleapatra 25/25 named Gina Torres was also in Suits well the show still didn’t grab my interest.

What DID stoke my interest was the ongoing phenomena that in each show that had a story about Harry’s royal romance with American actress Meghan Markle always generated some sort of personal dig from Ms. Williams ranging from:

You know that he’s NEVER going to marry her (subtext being that the prince would never marry a ‘black’ girl  despite Markle being biracia.

ln fact Williams seemed to go out of her way  to ignore to paint Meghan Markle as negatively as she could.

Then when the engagement happened Wendy Williams began talking about how (when she was starting out on show business,) Meghan Markle applied to the Wendu Williams show for a job but ended up being a: ‘Suitcase Girl’ on the television game show: Deal or No Deal.

As the months passed Williams pontificated on when they should marry, often seeking applause from her audience in agreement.

It seems like Wendy Williams  may be eating some sour grapes as she could have given a younger Markle one of her first jobs in the entertainment industry.  Imagine the  nonstop bragging from Williams.

However in an attempt to make one final dig dig at the newly married: HRH the Duchess of Sussex – Williams now claims that the Duke of Sussex’s wife is nothing more than a “Random Princess.”

It is not like Meghan Markle will be the first black or (more appropriately) mixed race person to ever join the British Royal family (See: Queen Charlotte Spfia among others

I use the word Black when describing Markle  because, well that’s what racists define her, despite the existence of a white father and as a result of the antiquated Jeffersonian ‘One Drop” rule that’s also how many people of color define her as well  as themselves.

Naturally I was interested in watching Harry and Meghan a Romance:






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