There Was Something About Seeing…

Yep I saw them, the photos are over 20 years old but I finally saw the Charlize Theron Playboy photo-spread:

In fact it’s not like I didn’t know that Theron had posed for those photos early in her career, I just wasn’t interested in seeing them before.  So when Hugh Hefner passed away; I don’t know, but I felt that it was as good a time as any.

To tell you the truth I was underwhelmed, because I had built up this entire thing in my mind that was not contingent on what was in those photos, and what was that you ask? I didn’t imagine her completely nude body to look the way it did from the waist down.

Sure the parts were all correct and in their proper place, but it was weird because I should have immmediatey figured out nthat since this was a product with the sole intentiuon  of exploiting the female form that I should have been more astute in noticing the quasi-subliminal alterations to her vaginal area.

However since I am not a ‘dude’ and don’t lose my proverbial sh!t when I see a naked woman, I was like: ‘Oh, well Okay there you go. I guess this is a right of passage for all young starlets.’

Charlize theron playboy photo

No Full Frontal Sorry

Most young, white Hollywood actresses have posed for Playboy magazine and I am being racially specific because female actors who areMelinated and posed for Playboy Magazine have not only been few and far in-between, but they’ve failed to reach A-List Celebrity Status.

I guess I would be appalled by her actions if Theron had succumbed Hef’s creepy old man manipulations back then.

SO IF SHE HAD Hooked up with Hef, then i HOPE THAT IT REMAINS A SECRET, AT LEAST UNTIL I am Very, Very VERY Old and either no longer care, or don’t remember who the hell Charlize Theron is!

I am used to seeing Theron Clothed or with her Lady Parts Strategically covered, like in the photo above.

The Orville

Charlize Theron will be appearing in a guest starring role on Seth Macfarland’s The Orville, here are some pics:

FINALLY: If you just have to see those photos you can find them on the internet.