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UPDATE: Despite her claim to have removed the content that I found very offensive towards me on another lesbian site,  I will will continue4 to leave this post up, because that what happens when you: Pull the ‘trigger.’

Recently I made a comment concerning Kate Jenkinson’s interview with Lady Parts that appeared on my site TEKgirl Presents: MUSE.  I had questioned the legitimacy of Bloggers who claim to get EXCLUSIVE celebrity interviews and yet the only evidence they offer is a typed transcript.  My point being that it is easy to type anything and pass it off as the real thing. Especially if (As I was informed, the author of the article is a Professional “Writer.”

I lauded the Lady Parts interview because they literally had video footage of Kate Jenkinson who spoke for over an hour about the series Wentworth, the auditioning process, Danielle Cormack, the importance of chemistry between characters, the onscreen relationship between Allie Novak and Bea Smith.  Jenkinson also spoke at length about her feelings concerning the death of Bea Smith and Cormack leaving the show.

She finished by sharing personal reflections of her own sexual orientation and her relationship with her partner.

The Interview is what was important and so I gave my Url in the comment. In a minute I was attacked by some stupid ass bitch who accused me of taking credit for the Lady Parts interview.  If that indictment were true I wouldn’t have streamed it from the Lady Parts YouTube channel that I subscribe to.

So this random ass wipe named Elizabeth Black, decides to attack me for writing that I thought that an interview I read was nothing more than a verbatim transcript that appeared to  be cut and pasted replacing the Lady Parts portion of the discussion with the site’s name.

I am not in show business and don’t know the  machinations of press junkets, so maybe a preformatted press packet IS disseminated amongst various sites and Viola you can tailor it to become your own exclusive interview.

I am speculating, but that seems highly plausible given that actors on critically acclaimed television shows are very busy and in reality don’t have time to grant an interview to every organization that requests one.

Anyway this ass wipe Elizabeth Black starts making unsubstantiated accusations within a myriad of bizarre ramblings.

So I accuse her of being a Millennial, to which she informs me that she is a Gen-X er and that they can be even worse. I agree.

So to you Eizabeth Black: GTFOH

Some sites report on Lesbian pop culture, my site reports on whatever I am obsessing over at any given moment.  So yeah right now it’s Bea Smith and Allie Novak, but that too shall pass when the next flavor of the month comes along.

This is MY blog, MY domain name.  I pay all the required fees to be able to post what I choose and if you are seeing stretched graphics on this site then maybe you should check YOUR computer and graphics card and not blame me for your inability to view my site.

Finally to any of the ass wipes that attack me, all I have to ask is: WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR SITE? WHERE IS YOUR CONTENT? After all this is (Like Elizabeth Black informed me) 2016.

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