TEKgirl Presents: MUSE

Time 2 Get Your Read On

Sugar Joiko – Freak B!tch –

Sugar Joiko is a a strong, soulful musician, possessing a powerful range and soothing vocal talents that make her a unique and fresh addition in the world of current and future music.

With confidence not seen since Lizzo took the world by storm, Sugar Joiko will continue to turn heads in the realm of Electronic and Pop culture by adds a touch of lesbian spice to funk.

See I am just NOT that interested in some tired reboot of some lame unoriginal lesbian soap opera starting in December2019,  I’m really not.


Instead I fancy finding lesbian content where it is often overlooked whether it be found in Gaspar Noe’s Climax or in: Sugar Joico’s Freak Bitch.

I wasted far too much time bellyaching about a certain segment of our population that prefers day dreaming and fantasy in order to garner lesbian representation, even if it concerns projecting lesbian characteristics onto non lesbian actors.  I am not eager to revisit that particular sexual minority hell.

Does that mean I won’t watch that producer who apparently pilfers content from fan fiction? Of course I will, but for free online as I have done for years.


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