My Summer of Charlize is Coming To An END

I bet that a lot of you are saying: “It’s about damn time.”  What can I say? Nothing needs to be said,  most of you know that my obsession with: The Beautiful Blonde  began when I was a child watching old movies on television that starred Grace Kelly as Amy Fowler Kane in High Noon  (Her debut role) which played virtually every Saturday afternoon, then there was my other favorite, Alfred Hitchcock’s: Rear Window so l when I saw this commercial, I am  lucky my head didn’t explode!

Grace Kelly is the second woman (after Charlize Theron) in the commercial.

I like looking at beautiful women (Actually I like kissing and holding them more, but sometimes I have to settle for a whole lot less (Since meeting Ms. Theron is NOT in my immediate nor foreseeable future.)

I’m starting The Weekend Movie a day early, so if you have nothing better to do:









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