No Surprise…BUT

Brett Ratner, Louis CK, Kevin Spacey

As usual it seems that any negative actions that impinged on women in the form of sexual harassment or assault, only become legitimate once famous white women complain. 

Jesus cripes so fucking what UMA Thurmon is biting her tongue, so friggin’ what if NOW Ashley Judd wants to talk about what Harvey Weinstein said to her years ago.  The rest of us ask: what took them so long?

Brett Ratner: Six women have accused the director and producer of sexual misconduct, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge.

Fallout: Ratner chose to personally step away from all Warner Bros. related activities, and Playboy put Ratner’s biopic about Hugh Hefner on hold.

Of COURSE men like Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein, Bret Ratner, Bill Cosby and that guy who sang: “I Believe I Can Fly” harassed and/orsexuallyassaulted women. Damn, I liked Louis C.K. I thought that he was very funny.

Males have dicks don’t they? 

Jesus Cripes some men have a problem abiding by the norms of civil society when they don’t have millions of dollars and power.

I’ve always maintained that TESTOSTERONE poses the biggest threat to humanity, starting with the: Pussy Grabber In Chief.

Guys don’t believe the hype, because Samantha B said it best when she proclaimed for all to hear:

Women DON’T want to see your d!cks, even straight women who will have sex with men don’t necessarily want to see their penises and Louis C.K. women definitely Do NOT want to watch you jerking off into a potted plant.  I can’t begin to understand a mind of a male, that feels so entitled that they have absolutely no qualms, with  pulling out thieerpenis in PUBLIC and jerking off.

Carlos Danger  (A.K.A Anthony Wiener) NO ONE wants to see your dick.

Steven Seagal NO ONE wants to see your dick!

 GUYS NO one Needs or Wants To See Your D!ck!